TS3- Without a Compass Ch 12: Evansdale County

Chapter 12
The Masters 1.12

Postcards from Brett and Tessen…

After receiving the postcards and showing them around town the Masters decided to move to Evansdale County.  Union Cove is great but it’s huge and there are so many sims to keep up with!

They arrived and Brett and Tessen met up with them.  Tessen seemed very confused when handed baby Ivan so that his parents could flirt.

Then they arrived at their new home.  They had to take out a small loan so that they could afford it.

Ivan’s room is a jungle theme.

And Jazmine’s is just very purple and girly.

There was even room for a playpen here!

Gotta pay off that loan so Jade went to work sculpting putting off learning to invent for a while.

Here’s the other side of the room with the inventing table and Styx’s litter box.

The kitchen.

We can’t forget Jeepers Creepers now can we?  He’s proudly situated in the entranceway.

A mediocre penguin is completed.

A little play time with Styx.

And daddy-daughter time as well.

Jazmine really likes the playpen.

And puddles.

Ivan loves the swing.

When visiting the market to consign her penguin Jade ran into the Brussels father.  He also moved from Union Cove along with a few other families.

Just as she was getting there the thrift consignment lady closed up shop so Jade had to make her way to the elixir consignment store to sell her sculptures instead.  Hopefully, they sell soon and there won’t be any worries about debt much longer.

Things that were less postcard-worthy…

They were renting a house on a little island and I just kept teleporting them wherever they went and didn’t realize one of them must have been cooking until I was alerted there was a fire on their lot.  Which I found entertaining to watch with no worries that my sims would be harmed.

This lady came out of nowhere and extinguished it.  But the weird thing is that the fire department notified them right after this telling them they did a good job taking care of the fire themselves!  Who was she?

This was hilarious!

As was this.

There were a bunch of tourists and I noticed a plumbot and when I hovered it said this.

I zoomed in and found her passed out in a graveyard.  I didn’t like this graveyard much.  I got a new one later.

Chapter 13

Chapter notes:

I botched this entire move.  I’d moved Brett and Tessen the correct way using the Traveler mod.  Except for one big huge mistake… I didn’t save before they left Union Cove!  So when I returned for the Masters family it still showed Brett and Tessen there!  And when I tried moving just the Masters to Evansdale when they got there Brett and Tessen weren’t there and none of the many changes I’d made were done either.  So, in the end, I moved all of them together which led to other problems but it’s all good.  I’ve done a lot of work on the ‘hood including changing out some lots.  The Master’s house was completely remodeled by me and I added in most of their old furniture while selling the stuff that came with the house.  I’d expected to be able to purchase it unfurnished but apparently not.  Which worked out good in the kitchen where I just recolored everything.

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