TS3- Without a Compass Ch 11: Baby Time!

Chapter 11
The Masters- Chapter 1.11

Little Jazmine Masters likes playing the xylophone quite a lot.  Her daddy Donald loves to watch.

But it can’t all be fun and games.  She needs to learn other things like walking.

Maybe a little bit of games?

Our preggo mommy Jade decided to splurge on a spa day.

Treats for Styx!

Neither of them seems quite into this learning how to talk thing.  Perhaps a break would help?

That’s better!

Attack of the claw from daddy!

Awe, so peaceful.

Finally, a moment alone.

Styx decided to seek some companionship as well.  He found this cat and they sniffed and played for awhile.  But then he had fleas!

Jade found the poor baby outside mewling about the horrible fleas.

He seems pleased with the attention.

Normally, he just likes to play in the tub but not get a bath in there but these fleas must go!

Oh no!  The baby’s coming!

Donald quickly hired a babysitter in case Jazmine woke while they were away.

Both the newspaper girl and the babysitter seemed freaked out by the lady in labor!

Donald seemed pretty freaked out too.

Meanwhile, the babysitter just raked the leaves.

A boy!  His name is Ivan!

The family was thrilled of course and Donald was even more excited to show Jade the postcards that Brett had sent them from Evansdale County.  To be continued!


Donald got “abducted” but he just stood frozen by the window the entire time he was “gone” until it was over.  So weird.

Ugh.  They got robbed.  I was messing around with Brett and Tessen in the map trying to get them into the Rotation caste so they won’t age or do any weird stuff while I’m not playing them and didn’t realize what was happening until she’d already stolen the stove! I woke both Jade and Donald trying to get them to call the police but by the time they did she was long gone with their TV as well!

It’s so weird seeing police in this game.

Which was one of the reasons Jade went to the spa.

Styx hunting a critter…

Wow, good job Styx!

Chapter 12


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