TS3- Without a Compass Ch 10: Be My Adventure

Chapter 10- Brett & Tessen

It was the start of the second semester and though he has a new romance he can’t lose sight of his dream of creating comic books so Brett made use of some alone time to work while Tessen was doing some kind of psychic thing at the police department.

Then he met up with Tessen later.  First, they went to a concert.  Then they went to a dance club and tried the bubble blower.

And danced to live music.

And sampled a bit of wine.  Exhausted, they headed back to the dorm to sleep off all of the excitement.

Someone came to inspect some of Brett’s artwork in the middle of the night.

Feeling a bit more awake in the morning the two continued their date.

They’d bought a bed and started sleeping… and other things… together.  A lot.

Which was very sweet.  Especially considering each of their pasts.  Brett the geek who has spent his entire adult life roaming trying to find a place to live and Tessen who has been homeless all of hers barely scraping by.

Someone built this snowman.  He’s got a broken nose!

They had to pay for a repairman because everything in the dorm was breaking!

A winter wonderland?

Another one of these odd class projects.

Feeling a little nostalgic for igloos Tessen?

Or not?

These two can’t seem to get enough of each other!

Yet another lecture that nobody showed up for!  They decided to study the whole time instead.

Snowflake day!

Who got the maid a gift?

Brett opened his.

And Tessen hers.

But the gifts didn’t really matter.

They ordered more pizza and yet again someone cooked mac’n’cheese while they were waiting for it to arrive!

They decided to make a snowman but out front, there were so many of them and so many gnomes there was no room!

Then they sat outside and looked at the stars and Tessen told Brett about Lunar Lakes and he told her about all of the places he’d explored.

Brett tagged the outside of their room so that they’d always be remembered.

Then they went to the park and did some snowboarding.

Then they got their report cards.  They both did great!

They spent the rest of their last day at the park.

Are you really surprised at this point?

Then, Brett invited Tessen to go with him to explore new places.  Excited by the idea of seeing more of the world and of course spending more time with Brett Tessen agreed.  She even got a motorcycle!


I couldn’t figure out what the heck this girl was doing and then realized she was playing with a lizard!


A bit creepy but hilarious nonetheless.

Chapter 11


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