TS3- Without a Compass Ch 9: Attraction

Chapter 9- Brett & Tessen

It’s the first day of a new session of university and Brett Frazier and Tessen Dudlansky meet outside.  She’s feeling more confident in her nice new clothes and walks up to him asking what he’s doing standing outside without an umbrella before walking away.

Now that the beautiful girl has reminded him, Brett opens his umbrella and watches her walk away for a few seconds before following her inside.

He ignores the fact that he’s soaking wet to try to entertain her and keep her attention focused on him for a little longer.

But the other dorm mates are arriving and he can only show so many funny cat videos before she’ll lose interest.

But maybe this isn’t meant to be?  It seems like others are a bit taken with the two as well.

Finally noticing the other students surrounding them Tessen breaks off from Brett to introduce herself to them all.

All of the boys just stared at her and she was pretty interested in the blond guy before he started walking around in a robot suit later.

Even though they’d never met her she was invited to the other dorm across the street to a party.  But it must have been a ruse because only one boy was there and she left as quickly as possible.

The girl who had been staring at him earlier asked Brett to dance.  He found her extremely attractive.

Between classes, Tessen spotted Brett reading on a bench and made her way over to chat.

Then she did this and Brett decided maybe she was just stressed out and needed a break from classes.

He invited her out and tried to ignore the strangely dressed bartender and the fact that Tessen chose to sit so far away from him.  Was this a date?

After they were done eating they chatted for a bit.

And then they danced until it was getting quite late and they needed to get some sleep since they had classes in a few hours.

It was a hands-on class and since both of them are studying Communications they were both there.  This was even odder than when Brett was here last time!

Tessen was feeling… very much not herself and Brett suggested they go to the spa and perhaps some treatments will make her feel better.  It sounded like fun so off they went.

Tessen was watching tv and Brett sat next to her.  For some reason, he’s finding her more and more attractive.

He snuggled up to her and she didn’t mind at all.  She’s been thinking of kissing him for days.

The next day they went to a fancy restaurant for dinner.  The waiter brought Tessen the wrong meal but she ate it anyway and it ended up tasting divine!

They decided to have a little fun before heading back to the dorm but skating in the rain probably isn’t the best idea.

This is drier but they sat separately studying.

When they went to their lecture the next day nobody showed up so Brett entertained Tessen.

The dorm mates rarely cook so they watched some cooking shows together since they seemed to be doing most of the cooking.

And then finally Brett made his move.  He gave Tessen the roses.  How will she react?

She was thrilled, of course.  She’d been wanting to kiss him almost since they’d met!

After a little more than kissing happened they decided to just forget about cooking and order a pizza!


Yes, he’s back in his bot suit.  He’s so cute without it too!

I really didn’t have a concrete plan for Brett and Tessen.  I didn’t know if they should just be friends or more.  Their attraction to each other was 4 of 10 and I thought eh maybe not?  Brett was really attracted to this girl and Tessen was attracted to bot boy.

And they became best friends really quickly.

Then, she got this wish on the second or third day!

And then this.  Which led to…

This and…


Then this.

Chapter 10


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