TS3- Without a Compass Ch 8: Moving On

Chapter 8- Tessen

Tessen decided to embrace the winter spirit.  After all, the igloo idea seems to be helping her sleep even better than the sleeping bag ever has!  Perhaps ice skating just isn’t her thing?

Snowboarding, on the other hand, she seemed to enjoy quite a bit!

Anais called inviting her to visit so she left the festival grounds to ride her bike to her house.  This trip would be so much better on a motorcycle!

Maybe it’s her continued homeless state.  Maybe it’s her dabbling in alchemy.  Whatever it is, Tessen has been having a harder and harder time keeping it together since winter started.

Oddly, when she arrived at the party Anais was nowhere to be found.  She played with her son ? while she waited for her to get there.  When she never did she said her goodbyes to the toddler and her husband Stefan.  Their house is way out of her way.  What a huge waste of time.

On the way back to her igloo she found a tropical bird!  How did you get out here in a blizzard little guy?

Hopefully, it’s warmer inside.

Tessen awoke feeling even more unbalanced than before!

She decided to seek treatment at the hospital.  They kept her for a few hours for observation and let her go.

You don’t think I’m crazy do you little raven?

On her way back to her igloo she saw a shimmering and went to investigate.

Oh my goodness!  It’s a unicorn!

For long moments they watched each other.

And then Tessen decided to make the first move.

She fed it one of the apples she had in her pocket.

Glorious!  What a beautiful creature!

In the morning the whole encounter with the unicorn seemed surreal.  Tessen began to wonder if it had even happened or if her delusions were getting worse.

Might as well gather some honey on her way into the store.

She’s been studying a new mixture she’s excited to try.

But something went horribly wrong!

Very very wrong!

She quickly whipped up a cure elixir though she’d never attempted to make it before.

Please let this work!

Oh, thank goodness!

She decided to call it quits on the alchemy practice for the day and headed to the regular thrift store because she’d heard that they take some items that the elixirs shop doesn’t.  Indeed they do and she unloaded quite a bit of items.

She needed a shower and headed back to her old haunt the poolhouse.  Even after the trip to the hospital, she’s feeling unbalanced! She began to wonder if she’d imagined the unicorn and having a toad’s head.  She’s so tired of being cold all the time!

You understand don’t you raven?

She had a restless nights sleep in the shower stall.

And spent most of the next day studying alchemy.  A strange man stood for quite a while watching her and she just ignored him.

Then she made her way back to the other thrift shop after finding some more items to consign.

After her shower, she just chilled out upstairs on a balcony considering her options.  If all of the items she’d consigned sell she’ll have quite a bit of money soon.

Some kids had built an igloo near the poolhouse and she decided she couldn’t stand one more night sleeping in a shower stall!

I guess the fish aren’t biting today?

On her way to the elixirs shop she stopped to check on her consignments and was thrilled to discover that almost everything had sold!

When she arrived at the elixirs shop she found that almost everything had sold here too!  She now had quite a lot of money!  Enough to purchase a small house.  And yet, that idea didn’t really intrigue her anymore.  Not the way it did when she’d first noticed a for sale sign.  There are so many things to learn!  So much to discover!  The mystical arts call her and she must heed their call.  She told Violet about this and after giving her a strange look Violet suggested that she try going to university to learn before she throws her hard earned money at mystical arts whatever that is.  With a shrug, Tessen agreed that university sounds interesting and since she has absolutely no possessions that she isn’t already carrying with her she left Lunar Lakes without a backward glance.


Anais’s husband Stefan dancing on their counter at the party that Anais invited her to but didn’t attend.  It was too funny not to photograph!

These are just a couple examples of the money she was making in the end.  Sadly, I have no idea how much money she actually had now.  Somewhere between $12k and $16k.

Chapter 9


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