TS4- Bay Tides 4.8: Daddy Daycare

Rotation 4 Chapter 8
Stages Chapter 6

We finally get to age up these little cherubs today!

Did I say cherubs?  After buying them most of the things toddlers need Zoya was almost completely out of money so she left them to their own devices while she hacked.

Our wild child Zoey let herself out of the house.  Why is it they can go down the front steps but not up the regular steps?

Mom, you better grab your girl!

Independent Khloe is so innocent in comparison.

Zoey was brought back inside and Toby, the silly one, needed a little potty help from mom.  After some hacking she was able to purchase some more necessities for the toddlers.

Good thing the nanny cooked up that blackened bass!

The kids seem a little unsure about it, though.

Then it’s off to bed for all of them.  Mommy was just sleeping for a few hours until time to work.

The nanny did show up but didn’t come inside at first.  Maybe she was trying to get up the nerve to deal with triplet toddlers?

Zoey woke up and splashed in the toilet.

Here’s a much better use of a toilet ie a potty chair.

A/N: I stopped playing shortly after this.  I didn’t play again for almost a month.  I actually deleted a good number of screenshots from the first day.  They all felt forced.  Like I was just trying to find things for the kids to do so that I could take pics of them and have enough for a chapter.  

When Zoya got home from work she put Khloe back to bed while she slept for a few hours.  Then it’s toddler-mommy time!

Baths are so cute!  The tub is in the hallway because putting it in the upstairs bathroom would have required the purchase of a door.

Then, it’s more potty training.

She didn’t get to Toby fast enough and he soiled his diaper.

Khloe!  You’re supposed to be the good one!

It looks like Zoya is begging for some help.

And it came very unexpectedly!  And her reaction was even more unexpected.

Wayne, the kid’s dad, showed up and just strutted into the house and started talking like he lives there or something!

I guess the dirty dishes all over the place were making him uncomfortable so Zoya decided to finally clean them up.  Zoey, do you ever actually wear your clothes?

It’s very odd to me after playing Sims 3 for almost a month that the toddlers can just climb upstairs and put themselves to bed!

Poor Zoya passed out sitting up.

Then, she woke and left for work after tucking Khloe, who’d had a nightmare, back into bed.

Nanny or maid?  Today she was a maid!

Because unexpectedly Wayne never left!  So, since he was there the children went to him as they woke during the night.  First, Toby woke from a nightmare and really needed a bath.

Then, he asked for a story and was tucked back into bed.

Then, Khloe woke up hungry.

This is working out quite well!

Might as well ask for some potty help while we’re at it.

Then, more stories.

Last, Khloe woke up and also needed a bath.

I think that by this point Wayne must have been exhausted!

But, he stuck around and was still there when Zoya got home from work.  The nanny high-tailed it out of there looking miserable.  She did clean the whole house and cooked another meal so it’s not like she did nothing.  I didn’t wait to see how much longer Wayne would stay because it’s time to move on!


The first night.  Notice that it’s light outside?  Yea, she never came inside until Khloe woke up and I sent her out there to ask to be potty trained!  I was sooo mad!

Umm Wayne?  I really don’t think you guys have this kind of relationship.  Even I’m uncomfortable.

What?  He called right after I started playing and never showed up.  Then this popped up.  Okay then.

Khloe had this whim to talk to her mom’s ex Kyle and I found him walking by outside.  The weird part is that all of the children have him in their relationship panel.  I don’t remember him visiting when they were babies.  He hates children so it makes no sense.  None of her other exes are known to them so I have no clue!

Zoya’s needs when she got home from work.  I was actually relieved to be leaving!  I would have had to call the nanny back or something so that she could get a few hours sleep!

Chapter 5.1

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