TS3- Without a Compass Ch 7: Dabbling in Alchemy

Chapter 7- Tessen

Tessen woke to snow!  This will likely put a huge strain on her homeless state.

She rode her bike all the way to the Elixir consignment store.

So much snow!

She chatted with Violet for a while.  Violet asked if she had anything new to consign and she sadly told her no and that she has no idea how she’ll find anything in this snow!  Violet suggested that she try using the alchemy station.  Maybe she can learn to make a few things to sell?

Determined, Tessen went over and started studying the book.

And was successful in her first mixture!

She chatted with Violet some more and Violet reminded her of the bee boxes outside.

Perhaps there’s something she can concoct with some of this yummy honey?

It got very late and she grew tired.  Time to try to find a place to sleep for the night.

As she was about to go to the cemetery she noticed a little road to the side and decided to investigate.

It seemed to be a nice secluded area so she built a little igloo.

Surprisingly, she got a better nights sleep than she ever had before!

With the added bonus of waking to a gorgeous view!

As she was about to go back to the consignment store she noticed a crow and befriended it.

And was surprised by Snowball Landgraab who is now a full-grown dog!

Unfortunately, her run-in with Snowball gave her fleas!  Gross! Violet sold her a book on alchemy.  She needed a shower quite badly so she headed back to town.

Floating apples eh?  Might as well stock up just in case. 

Although, she’s getting tired of eating nothing but produce!

She made a snow angel for some fun.

But soon started to feel strange.  Is it the weather or what?

Perhaps a good night’s sleep is what she needs.  Yet another igloo was in order.

Early the next morning she made her way back to the consignment shop and caught some fire bugs outside.

She informed Violet that she’d completed the entire book the day before.

Okay, what to try today?

Was that the right ingredient?

Apparently not.  Just the smell made her ill.

She decided to warm by the fire and take a nap in hopes that she’d feel better soon.

But ended up running to the bathroom in the end.

She decided that a bit of cooling off was in order and tended the bee hives.

And saw some movement under the snow.

What were you doing down there little guy?

She wanted a bit of fun so went skating.

Then she got an invitation to a party thrown by Lars Royal.  The cute guy she’d spoken with on one of her first days here.  She was quite excited.

And very disappointed to learn that he’d since aged to an elder!

Nobody else showed for the party and while he was cooking she decided to use his restroom which seemed to anger him and she called it a loss and left.

Back on the hill sleeping in an igloo.  What could possibly go wrong?


Chapter 8


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