TS3- Without a Compass Ch 6: Big Man on Campus

Chapter 6- Brett

I thought I’d lost these screenshots but here they are!  Since I’m going in chronological order of when I played them we’ll take a break from Tessen to see how Brett does in his second attempt at university.

It seems kinda shady that this huge moving truck with blacked-out windows picked him up and took him there.

This is yet another custom map by MySimRealty SimMeopolis University.

Brett arrived at the dorms and introduced himself to his roommates.

Then he got right to studying.

Unfortunately, he forgot the names of all of his dormmates.  He asked this girl to study with him because she’s studying communications too.

And then this guy joined them in a robot suit and Brett could barely contain his laughter.  He learned later that this is a normal thing for bot fans.

Brett was the cool kid with his own street motorcycle.

Chatting over breakfast.  His first attempt at uni in Storybrook County was a constant struggle for food and though there was a fridge and his roommates occasionally cooked he got quite good at cooking himself.  This girl also strutted her stuff like this every morning!

Time to write his first comic book!

Then it was a hands-on class.

This was extremely weird.

Back to the dorm and working on his comic book.  Supposedly getting his writing skill up will help his grades.

He saw this weird thing and had to check it out.  He never did figure out what it does exactly but it looked cool.

Frustrated with his dormmates always eating the food he cooked he ordered a pizza and scarfed down several slices… then someone cooked mac’n’cheese.  Go figure.

Back to work.

Fine tuning some of his skills to make his comics even better!

And some more.

Studying with that girl again… in her bra.

More art.

When his face looked like this I thought something was wrong.

Apparently not.

More art.

And one last piece before he leaves but he’ll be back again soon.


For some reason that I no longer remember I had to play that morning again and got two pics of him getting his report card.  When it was all over I realized he’d spent quite a lot of time studying and skilling.  I’m used to Sims 2 university where you practically do nothing but skill unless you skilled a lot as a teen.

He got §3,500 for this! Sadly, no funny moodlet.

Chapter 7


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