TS3- Without a Compass Ch 5: Gathering

Chapter 5- Tessen

When Tessen was going into the pool house for the night she heard something and went to inspect and found a man skinny dipping in there.

In the morning she headed to the science facility to sell the insects she’d found.

Time to fish!

What on earth are they protesting?

She caught a ton of these fish and they didn’t sell for hardly anything at the grocery store.

And she was still fishing when it started to rain that night.

At least she was able to dry off for awhile and get some rest.

Then Anais called her inviting her to the house and she gave her the gnome she found as a gift.

Umm… not so cool guys.

After spending the rest of the day collecting she made her way to the elixir and sundries store to consign it all.  While there she chatted with the clerk Violet for awhile.

A long while.  In the end, they were good friends.  Tessen just wasn’t looking forward to finding a place to sleep that night.

She ended up sleeping in the graveyard again.

She woke to the sound of Anais crying.

She didn’t say why she was crying and Tessen didn’t see a name on the tomb but she chatted with her for awhile until she noticed how badly she smelled and made her excuses.

After having a much-needed shower at the pool house Tessen was about to leave when Anais walked in and she realized that she is pregnant!

Tessen spent most of the night fishing… again.

She did go inside a club and play an arcade game but felt it was a frivolous waste of money and left.

Another day and more collecting.

Why hello there!

And there!

Hello, birdie would you like to ride in my pocket for a while?

A little honey to boost the profits.

Aren’t you a cute… whatever you are?

That night she decided to sleep in the library for a change.  Which was a mistake because there is no shower.

Festival time!

Hello doggie.

She decided to join in on the festivities.

A pie eating contest is the best way to get free food and a full belly!

Yikes, frost!  Better stock up on produce to eat.  There aren’t pie eating contests every day, unfortunately.

And back to the grind of collecting…

And fishing.


She won like §50.

Remember Snowball Landgraab that tiny puppy?  I saw him full grown running in the dark and he scared the heck outta me!

It’s so weird how you can see into the houses here.  Look to the left there’s a toddler by the stairs.

My first sighting of the unicorn!

Chapter 6


    1. It does! It feels almost outside of the sim world. It’s supposed to be the future since all of the domes are memories of past neighborhoods like Sunset Valley. And, we can’t forget that Bella Goth’s grave is there! Spooky.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. I think it would be harder without an open world. Especially if people wanted the sims to ride the horses. In Sims 3 they ride them around like it’s a mode of transportation, lol.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. yeah but to be honest I only rode mine in an arena when I had them .. so that would be good too … I have gladly traded playable for closed world and it would work out (BTW I had to laugh when I saw you talking about all the horses everywhere on twitter .. mine used to get that way too)

        Liked by 1 person

        1. I’m sure they could do it with at least being able to travel to an arena lot or something. I think a lot of people would complain though about not being able to ride them all over. I’d love to see small pets make a comeback but I’m sure people would complain about that too if the cats can’t hunt them.

          Liked by 1 person

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