TS3- Without a Compass Ch 4: Looking Up

Chapter 4- Tessen

In her search to find somewhere to sleep Tessen caught sight of this owl.  Looks familiar, doesn’t it?

Pic was taken in Sims 4!

With no options for shelter for the night, Tessen set up her sleeping bag in the graveyard.

She woke up soaking wet and hungry.  Though the honey tasted good it wasn’t filling at all.

Time to run!

She decided to go to a fishing spot that was supposed to have more fish.  This tiny fish was not what she had been hoping for!

Perhaps the run was a bad idea after-all.

Even though she needed to leave to go find somewhere to wash up she stopped to grab seeds and any other items she saw.

There was a huge public garden too and just as she’d started harvesting she noticed that someone was staring at her and decided it would be best to just leave.

Look!  A bike!  Also, that view… wow.

She went into the pool house to settle down for the night when she saw a notice about the city needing help fishing something out of their septic system for a reward so even though she was tired she was off to investigate.

Pretty sky pic while she was at city hall.  She got paid the reward and was allowed to keep the fish she found!

Finally moving up in the world, she decided to start brushing her teeth.

She headed to the library and after checking the weather she chatted with Anais for awhile.  Anais invited her to her house for a party later which was exciting.

When the only thing you eat is produce you go through it really fast and she only harvests one or two plants at a time.

I don’t think he appreciates her looking at her non-existent phone.

Then she headed over to Anais’s house for the “party” she even tried to make herself look nicer.

Anais ignored her most of the time but her fiance Stefan chatted with her for awhile.

Anais served some burnt macaroni and cheese and even though it was disgusting Tessen choked it down.

By the time she left she was too tired to ride her bike back to town so she hid on the other side of this deck.  (There are two pics to show the difference when I changed from the lighter night version of the mod.)

She woke at 9am with a suntan from sleeping outside in a sleeping bag.  The sun must be very intense in Lunar Lakes.

On her way into town, she noticed something.

A sign.  This house is for sale.

She looks up at the house and tries to think of how long it might take her to earn that kind of money.

She might need to make money but she also has to eat so it’s time to harvest a little more.

And then she runs around collecting before heading back to her hideout at the pool house for the night.


The repo woman showed up and did the sucky thing and then left without actually taking anything.  Not even the expensive gnome that was still sitting there at this point.

I almost died laughing!  After she was sleeping for a few hours Anais and Stefan walked over and looked at her.  He walked away but she laid down like she was sunbathing and slept most of the night there.  Now that’s friendship!

This is the first house I was thinking of having her buy.  Until I took a closer look and realized that the bathroom is displayed in a front window.  I opened the house to see inside and the whole layout was really goofy.


Chapter 5


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