TS4- Bay Tides 4.7: It’s Really All About the Cat

Rotation 3 Chapter 7
The Heckings Chapter 3

Yet another pet sick when I got to the house.  And then when Brant got there with Rosie I saw Cornelius signing in Daisy.  Which meant I had to sit waiting for Daisy to be treated or else she’d be sick until I played them again!  Then I high-tailed it out of there before one of my other households could bring in a sick pet.

It took forever to get her treated.  The woman kept taking her back and putting her on the exam table and then the dialog in the corner that shows they’re being treated would go away and the table would lower and I had to sign her in again!  At this point, it might be better to just buy wellness treats and use the workaround to remove the fear moodlet.

By the time the 4 1/2 hours it took to get Rosie treated were over Brent had already left for work and Brei was at daycare.

The flea market notification popped up and it sounded like fun.  I’d expected the pets to show up too.  They always seem to but they didn’t which was fine.

Time to share the love!  First, is Summer.

Then it was a statue busker.  Look at Tony’s face.  Maybe he’s regretting how he treated Zoya when she was pregnant?

She wanted to tell Tiger some jokes.  The dude in the odd black and red outfit is a disguised alien.  I gave him mostly odd outfits figuring he wouldn’t know exactly how to dress.

Sharing the love with Anaya, Billie’s mom… they’re the ones who Nibbler the cat lives with now!

She wanted to tell some jokes to Summer and dad saw a cute robot lamp for her and bought it.

Having a little snack while daddy plays basketball.

Unfortunately, they didn’t make it home fast enough to avoid a potty accident so a bath was in order.  Rosie’s probably just happy it’s not her for once.

Nap time!

Brent finally got home from work and was the center of the pet’s attention.  I’m sure the food had nothing to do with that.

While Brent entertained the other two, Brant took Ruby for a walk since she was feeling restless.

Brei woke from her nap and requested a story.

I think it’s so funny how the laser pointer colors change with their moods.  He was uncomfortable because he stepped in dog poop when he was cleaning it up.

See!  Rosie needs a bath already!

Joaquin tries to hypnotize Randy the vendor into giving him some free food.

Hypnosis failed but it must have been tiring.

Umm… where’s everyone going?

Ugh.  Something was wrong with Ruby and when asked she needed the vet.  I couldn’t see anything wrong with her but as you can see she had rainbow poop after they got there.

Prismatic Poop Plague?! Gross!

I really have no idea how the cone of shame will fix a digestive issue.  Is that the only treatment?

Back home it’s back to the usual.

Oh, Joaquin, you entertain me more than any of the other pets!  He has such an expressive face!

Brei wanted to play and it must have tired her out because she went upstairs to sleep.

Yep.  Autonomous woohoo works fine.  LOL

Wow, Joaquin!  Two owners fighting over who gets to play with you!

Joaquin is saying nananana I get to ride this and all you get is a silly bird squeaky toy!

This was very odd.  They left at completely different times to walk the dogs and took different routes.  Then, they got close to each other and just stopped like this and then continued their walks.

Joaquin broke Vroom!  I guess Brent wasn’t skilled enough to fix it.  He got shocked and went upstairs to sleep.  They’ll have to hire a repairman when I play them next because it’s time to leave them.

I did this thing trying to figure out bills for everyone today.  I did it with them and they would have had to pay $475.  They spent $300 on vet bills.  I just feel like if I don’t have some sort of financial goal for them all I’m going to get bored.  Especially in the households like this one that started with money.  I’ll start doing it in the next rotation and see how it goes… if it’s too much or not.

Chapter 4.7

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