TS3- Without a Compass Ch 3: Barely Scraping By

Chapter 3

Tessen met one of the residents Anais and they decided to play some soccer.

They had a blast!

They chatted for a little while until Tessen was distracted by a little puppy running up to her.

The puppy’s name is Snowball and he lives with the Landgraab family… all of which are clones of the “mother” so creepy.  Snowball is an odd name for a brown dog.

She cooled off with a yummy blue raspberry snow cone.

Then, she used the restroom to wash her hands a bunch of times again.

Another night sleeping in one of the domes.

So pretty!

What to do today?  She really needs to find a way to make some money!  Sleeping outside in the rain is not the best option.

Being anywhere in the rain isn’t the best option really.

She went into the art gallery to dry off a bit but didn’t stay long.  It felt like a waste of time.

She decided to head to the consignment store and sell the few things she’d collected thus far.  Except for the produce.  She needs to eat something!

Feeling determined to make some more money she fished for a while but even though it was a designated fishing spot there weren’t many fish biting.  What a disappointment.

She did find some insects.  She’d heard that the science facility pays good money for them.

Then she was off running again in the rain.

And stopping along the way as she spotted things.

She didn’t get much from the fish she sold at the grocery store but it was better than nothing.  Unfortunately, it was still raining!

Then she headed to the science facility to donate the insects she had found.  They paid her for her time which makes it kind of odd that they are called a donation.  Semantics!  While there she saw a tour starting so she stayed dry a little longer and was fascinated by all she’d seen inside.

And finally, she was able to afford her first purchase!  A sleeping bag.  She decided it was safe enough in the pool house to shower and sleep in a stall since nobody seems to visit there at night and if they do they are skinny dippers who probably are too worried about getting caught themselves to pay her much mind.

She went to the library and checked the weather.  Looks like there might be a few sunny days coming up.  All of this rain is making it very difficult for her to earn some money to get out of this situation she’s found herself in.

Since she’d rather not spend yet another day soaking wet she decided to peruse the skill books trying to decide what it is she’ll do with her life once she’s no longer broke.

Even though she’d taken a shower (her first!) the previous day she decided that it couldn’t hurt to do some extra hand washing.

Oh wow!  Luck is on her side today!  She found a sunstone!

In her excitement over the awesome find, she ran around in the rain looking for other things that could be sold.

Since the regular consignment store was already closed she headed to the Exilirs and Sundries shop to consign her finds.  Originally the plan was to only sell once or twice a week so as not to draw notice to herself but it was really hard to stick to that plan with all of the rain keeping her from making money and she really needed a bike so she wouldn’t have to run everywhere.

The clerk, Violet, said she could tend the bee boxes if she’d like and sell some of the honey.  Now the problem is trying to find somewhere to stay for the night.  There is absolutely nothing on this side of town.


Back at her non-existent lot, I noticed a gnome.  Tempting but too cheaty.  She gave it to Anais later as a gift.

Chapter 4

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