TS3- Without a Compass 2: Meet Tessen

A/N: The Sim Supply is doing an “extreme” rags to riches in which you can’t sell anything via inventory or build/buy mode. The Sims 4 yard sale table isn’t working since the pets patch so there was really no way for him to make money without selling through inventory other than playing a violin that he’d fished up.  A couple other people tried the challenge too and it was the same.  Which made me think I bet it would be pretty cool in Sims 3 since there’s a consignment store.  So, I made up my own goofy rules and you’ll see how it went in the next 8(?) chapters…

Lunar Lakes!  When I was looking for somewhere to do the challenge I noticed it on the neighborhood list.  I seriously don’t remember playing here before.  So here we are.  Meet Tessen Dudlansky… while I was playing Brett in Storybrook and having to come up with last names for sims being imported into the neighborhood (because if you don’t it just keeps giving them the last names of bin and townie sims!) I found this really neat name smasher website.  So if you’re thinking where on earth did I get such a weird cool name like Tessen now you know!

Lunar Lakes looks really neat but I’ll admit the edge of the map leaves a lot to be desired.

I wasn’t sure what to have her do so I had her start off fishing.  But the hot sun got to her quite quickly.

What?  Swimming isn’t cooling you off?

She ended up getting a suntan which made her already dark complexion even darker.  Since she’s homeless she obviously couldn’t afford a cab so she had to run to town to find some shelter from the sun.

Still running.  I’m just going to say it.  The outdoor lighting in Sims 3 is horrendous!  Maybe people who don’t constantly screenshot like I do don’t notice it but it’s been driving me crazy and I’m sick of constantly apologizing for dark screenshots.  So I found… a mod: Environmental Lighting Tweaks.  I changed settings a few times over my time playing Tessen so you might notice some differences. If I remember I’ll point them out.

Aaand… still running!

Thinking that the domes were enclosures not just some kind of open steel structure she made her way into the nearest one.  But by then the sun was going down.  Next problem?  Food.  Thankfully, there were a bunch of plants just ready to be harvested.  She grabbed a few harvestables to take along with her on her journey but not enough to draw notice.

Psst… lighting mod is in now.  Big difference eh?  I felt that this one was too bright and changed it out at some point.  I didn’t really want to have her sleep here because I felt like it would draw attention to her homeless status but there was seriously noplace else!

And so begins my fascination with how awesome the game looks when properly lit.  Also, I just wanted to show how neat this world looks.  If you haven’t played it and don’t know there are several of these domes that are memories of different Sims 3 towns like Pleasant Valley.  One of them is the festival grounds too.

Back to sleeping.  Now that I look at the screenshots I’m thinking I was wrong and this isn’t too bright.  I felt like you wouldn’t be able to tell that it’s night but now looking back I can tell without a problem that it’s night time.

Yes, another fangirl “everything looks so cool” screenshot!  I really didn’t realize how many I’d taken.

Tessen meets Lars Royal and they chatted a bit.

This world has this weird yellowish/greenish hue to it. She spent a while hanging out and chatting with Lars.

Then she ate some produce when he went back to his laptop.

After exploring the other domes she realized that they all contain produce so she harvested some more to carry with her.

And then she went for a jog to the pool house hoping to cool off and clean up a bit.

The pool water must be dirty.  It didn’t help clean her up at all!

After washing her hands over and over again to clean up Tessen went to the festival grounds and harvested some more.

And picked some flowers in case she could sell them later.

She was distracted by two wild horses and decided she wanted to watch them more than she wanted to collect stuff.

This horse came in for a closer look.

Tessen doesn’t seem afraid at all!

And I’ll leave you with this to ponder… why are only horses censored?

Chapter 3


  1. This world is the weirdest thing to me it looks so cool and so odd at the same time. I don’t have many packs for ts3 but I wish I owned all the worlds bc I feel like theres all kinds of hidden goodies to be found in each one. 🤣

    Liked by 1 person

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