TS4- Bay Tides 4.6: Birthday Break

Rotation 4 Chapter 6
Delagato’s Chapter 4

I was a little surprised when I started playing them and realized it was already Evie’s birthday.  I knew it was sooner than originally expected because I changed the ages back to normal lifespan but I thought she was the same age as Nyssa.  She’s only a day and a half older but still, it was unexpected… but welcome.

The first thing she did post-makeover was hugged her big brother.  So sweet!

To celebrate Evie’s birthday they decided to have an overnight trip to Granite Falls with the pets in tow.  This was exciting for me as it was my first trip with pets.  I had to edit the lot in manage worlds before they got there.  I keep forgetting that they can store bowls and litter boxes in their inventories.  Still, it’s nice to have the stuff there.

Umm… okay then.  Carry on.  I was starting to think autonomous woohoo wasn’t working.  Thanks for proving me wrong.

Pierce played fetch with Blue while watching TV and talking to his parents.  Now that’s multitasking.  Although, I think his parents were a bit distracted.

Evie had a whim to find a Voidcritter card.  This must be new because I’ve never seen this whim before.  I’ve seen a few others I’ve never seen either lately.  Trust me, after doing the Whim Challenge for so long I know my whims.  Since she’s a geek I decided to have her collect some.  Geeks love collecting!

Then it was back to the cabin for some bonding time with Bartholomew, I.

While his sister bonds with the cat Pierce gives Blue lots of attention too.

Dad and mom tossed horseshoes.  Mom didn’t seem very enthusiastic.

She gave up to grill some shish-kabobs.  Pierce bets Evie he can beat her score.  But they never found out because mom called them to dinner.

She seems proud of her kiddos.

And very happy with her hubby as well.  Pierce seems to find this funny.  Maybe he’s not so oblivious after all.

Blue’s wondering what on earth these humans are doing laying on the ground and why they aren’t playing with her.

Then slowly everyone headed to bed for the night.

The kids woke in high spirits.

When warned that the trip was almost over Evie went out in search of more collectibles.  Score!  Butterflies.

A little fun for the pets and then it’s time to go.

This is getting old.  It seems like it’s every time I play her!

It’s awfully convenient living in a vet clinic!

The fisherman came in right after the clinic opened all upset that there was no pet treats.  He must have been looking to give one to a stray because I know he doesn’t have a pet of his own!

And so, we’re back to treating patients.  Pierce’s responsibility is pretty high so I had Evie do some of the cleaning and filling food bowls.

I thought Megs didn’t show up for work.  I never saw her come in.  Then I saw movement out of the corner of my eye and Deb was there getting another cat treated.  Her dogs must be very healthy because they never show up.

Catarina brought Cleo in with a bad case of fleas.  For some reason, she didn’t walk into the room to watch her get treated like the owners normally do.

Ugh!  Caleb’s dog Patches needed surgery.  I don’t know why none of the pets have needed it before this.  Maybe it’s unlocked at level 8 skill.  Anyway, she brought Patches in and he got into the machine and nothing happened!  I thought they must be stuck.  I started resetting everyone in the clinic trying to find what the problem was.  The machine kept bleeping and lighting up but nothing happened.  Then I clicked it and realized I had to select what to do!  Doh!  I felt so stupid.

Ugh.  I don’t know if it was because I reset the owners or what but all the pets after that looked perfectly heathy and didn’t show the symptoms that she was finding so I had no idea what to look for.  Which made it take even longer and they kept getting stressed out.

Then Megs seemed to get stuck.  But I didn’t realize it.  She treated this cat and just stood around looking at the owner with the cat on the exam table.  I wasn’t paying much attention because Supriya was hungry, I’d not planned to stay open this long, and I was also checking on the rest of the family.

This pet was just dirty.  It showed no outward sign of being sick.  But apparently, it needed surgery.  Blue looked so sweet sleeping there I had to take a pic.

Umm… no Supriya that’s not right.  Finally, she fixed whatever was wrong with the animal and I sent her to eat while waiting for Megs to finish up with the customer.  But she didn’t.  And I realized they were stuck.  Supriya had to come back down and bill them and then she could close the clinic!  Sheesh.  So much for only staying open a few hours.  Next time I’ll disallow new customers after the first ones get there.

As everyone was getting into bed I looked for Blue and found her out here doing some of the obstacle couse.  Such a cutie!  I love this dog.


I was just looking around when I saw them all like this.  I found it comical with the bear and Grim Reaper as if this is just everyday life.  I suppose it is… for sims.

Chapter 4.6

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    1. I think this is the 4th chapter with the Delgatos. I adore little Evie. I’d used MCCC to add days to each life stage but since I’m rotating and only playing each household for 2 days it feels like it’s taking forever for anyone to age up when it really isn’t.

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