TS3- Without a Compass 1: Storybrook County

A/N: As I noted at the end of the previous chapter I’d decided to try to find a new home base for the Masters family that doesn’t take 10 or more minutes to save the game.  I searched and searched and finally decided to try out Storybrook County by My Sim Realty.  I was really excited about this one and even added Island Paradise back into the game so that I could try it out.  I made Brett to play the neighborhood and test some things out so that I don’t have to keep moving the Masters around.  There are quite a few screenshots and they are all pretty random but I wanted everyone to meet Brett!

Brett Frazier is visiting Storybrook County so that he can test out their in-town university!  As soon as he got to town a very enthusiastic mascot welcomed him.

He’s enrolled!  How exciting.

He went to the comic book store next door to study for a bit.

And then he grabbed some nice greasy food from the food truck.

The next morning he headed into class and noticed some girls pretending to be professors.

He needed some excitement in his life so he played some arcade games with some random guy.

When he got back to his campsite he realized that he hadn’t eaten.  He attempted to grill some hotdogs but it didn’t go very well.  He ate them even though they were like charcoal.

In the morning he had a pastry from the camp store.

Yes, we’re all college students… see our backpacks?

More greasy food truck food.

Splashing in the ocean.

Visiting the roller rink for something to eat and some fun.

Maybe roller skating isn’t your thing Brett!

He seems to think that pool is definitely his thing!

Another night spent in the tent.  He would really like to stay in a hotel or something but nobody is ever working when he gets there!

He spent a nice chunk of change on a speedy motorcycle because it’s such a trek from the campground to the university.

He went to a very boring class activity.

And decided that the place needed livening up a bit.

He met a nice teenage girl named Liza who wanted to hang out and since he was lonely he agreed.  They danced.

Played darts and had some chicken wings before he headed back to the camp for the night.

A candy machine!  This turned out to not be the best idea.  He got sick from the candy and still ended up being hungry!

Back to another day at school.

He ordered a muffin at a bakery and it was so tiny!  He ended up having to get more to eat later.

He was quite impressed with a drummer he saw playing at the club across the street.

Some woman asked him to dance and he thought why not?

Brett, you do realize that there’s nobody teaching the class right?

He finally realized that there are mini fridges in the student buildings and grabbed a quick meal.  The search for food is a constant struggle.

It was Leisure Day so he decided to go for a swim in the ocean.  Wouldn’t it be so cool living in the island house?

Then he headed to the central park for some fun and games.

Umm lady?  Who are you competing against?

Actually, that’s a good idea!  Free food and enough to actually fill him!

Someone paid him to do some street art!

He decided he was going to wait all night if he had to for someone to come in and check him into the hotel!  He stood in the lobby studying because apparently, the seats are for guests only.

In the end, he decided to give up and go to sleep in the lobby.  The next day he went to school but was told he was no longer a student there.  Frustrated over not being able to find a place to stay the night and his time wasted as a student he headed to a different university that’s not in a neighborhood.  Perhaps he’ll have better luck living in the dorms there.


This neighborhood was completely unpopulated so I had to have sims imported in.  This sounds a lot easier than it really is but some of the results were hilarious like this dad that was a plumbot!  I learned a lot about how imported sims are generated and almost drove myself crazy in the process!

I had quite a bit of store points so I got some of the recommended packs for this neighborhood.  I was really excited to see this farmer using the tractor!  So many aspects of this game to explore!

I got a kick out of this hair!

I quit playing after this.  Since it was an empty neighborhood there were no sims assigned to do the shows.  But I found it hilarious that Brett and the proprietor were cheering and reacting to absolutely nothing!

Chapter 2

Chapter notes:

Storybrook County?  I loved it.  It is a beautiful and very well put together neighborhood.  I just wish I could split it in half.  Just the town or just the country… moving around the map back and forth drove me nuts!  It’s too big.  Like Union Cove big but less laggy.  I don’t know what was wrong with the resorts.  There were three of them and I couldn’t get anyone to work at any of them.  I researched it and found that you need to assign someone to work at them by going in edit town and cntrl+shift+clicking the registers but still nobody showed up!  The whole plan was to have him live in the little motel by the university but it didn’t pan out and he lived clear across the map in a campground.  University was a HUGE headache.  I downloaded the rabbit hole rugs.  I downloaded the universities that were said to already have rugs placed but they were regular rugs.  I couldn’t figure out which ones were the ones I needed and it was this huge thing trying to figure them out.  In the end, it didn’t matter because when Friday came along and he should have still been a student and had his finals that day… it no longer showed him as enrolled!  I think once I have the energy to figure all of this stuff out I’ll enjoy visiting Storybrook again.  Though this is only one chapter I played quite a lot and messed around in edit town and stuff even more.  For whatever reason, I don’t seem to have any screenshots of the week he spent at the university!


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