TS3- The Masters 1.10: Changes

Generation 1 Chapter 10

Donald adores his little baby girl.  From the first time that he held her he knew he wanted another baby.

Now he just needs to convince Jade.

Maybe that won’t be as difficult as he thought?

I think Jade is just as entranced by the baby!

Styx, on the other hand, is not.

Lots of this going on… then again when isn’t there?

Styx posing with his first catch!  A womrat?

Jade attempts to make friends with Barbi.  I don’t think Barbi was impressed with the space rock she gave her as a gift though.

Daddy doesn’t seem to mind the lack of sleep.

Guess who’s birthday it is today!  She looks so happy in her new swing!

Happy birthday Jazmine!

Mom and dad left her so they could have some cake!

And then mom discovered that she’s pregnant again!

Donald starts teaching Jazmine to walk while Jade talks on the phone with her friend Sports.

It’s okay Styx!  You were first!  …Unless you count Jeepers Creepers.


Attacked by the claw!

Mom gets some rest and relaxation while dad cares for Jazmine.

A little more teaching to walk.

And some play.

In the middle of the night, Jazmine needed to potty and was hungry so mommy got up to help her.

And Jazmine got some toys to occupy herself while mom and dad went back to bed!

While making a run to the open air market Jade stopped to watch a street artist.

He said his name is Brett and he’s been traveling around trying to find a new place to call home while also taking university classes here and there.

Jade wanted Donald to meet Brett so they took a ride.  Styx must have called shotgun!  I have no idea why they didn’t drive a car?  Can only one sim fit in them?

Here we are at the little house Brett’s renting.

He invites them inside.

He wants to write comic books and he’s been roaming around living here and there between terms.  Get ready to see more of Brett soon!


My favorite family, the Brussels, had a new daughter.  I did take pics of some of the other new babies but since I don’t think any of them moved on to the new ‘hood with them I didn’t keep them.

This cracked me up!  He got this wish when sitting on her dresser.

Pick up sticks… get it?


Without a Compass: Chapter 1

Chapter notes:

After this, I started trying to find a different neighborhood for them that’s less laggy as you’ll see in the next chapter with Brett.  And then I had this idea to do a homeless challenge type thing and you’ll have several chapters with Tessen.  I’d thought of having a separate story just for Tessen but I also liked playing Brett so I decided to just put Brett and Tessen in the same “world” as the Masters.  I hope you enjoy getting to know them in the next several chapters.  No worries, we’ll get back to Jade, Donald, Jazmine and the baby-to-be soon!

Note from the future: For a while, I had this idea of playing sort of a rotation but with the sims living in different worlds but I just couldn’t figure out how to connect them all story-wise.  Maybe if they were all descendants of the same family line or something that would have worked.  For now, I have decided to have them all in one neighborhood.  I have moved them all.  But you won’t get to that chapter for quite a while!  I think that chapter is 10 chapters after this one.  Yikes.  I’m calling it Without a Compass.  It was originally just Compass but even though it was nice and short it just didn’t sound right.

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