TS3- The Masters 1.9: Baby Incoming

Generation 1 Chapter 9

Good morning Jeepers Creepers!

And good morning to Styx as well.  He gets a morning brushing.  Donald decides that he’ll start reading the paper in the mornings instead of just tossing them into the trash.  He remarks to Jade that there’s a meetup for cats today.

While Donald stays home and paints Jade and Styx grab a cab to the cat roundup.

Jade decides that this is the perfect time to meet some of the other residents.  She first introduces herself to Hannah.

Meanwhile, Styx makes himself at home in the cat area.

Then a dog named Lady shows up.  She’s a very playful pup!  A day or two later they heard that Lady had given birth to two puppies!  Jade meets two other sims Ira and Rob but it seems they arrived at the roundup a bit late and it was already time to go home.

Inspired by the roundup and tired of the entire loft area being empty Styx gets some much-appreciated gifts.

Jade was ecstatic to see him playing with his little yarn toy when she was heading upstairs to bed.

She got a call from the school asking if she could bake some cookies.  She jumped at the opportunity to be more a part of the community and quickly agreed.  She only realized after she’d done so that she really didn’t know exactly how to bake cookies!  So off she went to the open air market bookstall to ask if the owner had any cookie recipes.  To her relief, he did indeed have one for chocolate chip cookies.

It was such a nice day she decided to enjoy the fresh air and study the recipe before returning home.  She noted that the consignment uniform made poor Barbi look quite old.

Jade hurries home and bakes two dozen cookies.  She made quite a mess of the kitchen doing so!

Meanwhile, Donald is still lounging in his pajamas with a content cat on his lap.

Jade exiting the school feeling happy to have helped.  She noticed a horse outside and went over to meet him.  She learned later that his name is Diablo.

Feeling a bit of a sweet tooth after resisting the cookies she’d baked she stopped by the internet cafe next door to the school and had a brownie and chatted with the proprietor Dave for a few minutes.

Jade noticed a gypsy wagon next and decided to go inside to learn her fate.  She hadn’t put as much thought to her descendants and her goal to make their future better since they’d moved to Union Cove so she decided to go check things out.  Is that her friend Sports Fan?

She exited the wagon feeling light of heart and excited for the future.  That gypsy really knew what she was talking about!  Worth every penny!  She glanced over and noted the couple getting quite cozy.  It is a very beautiful little niche perfect for romance.

While his wife was out on the town exploring Donald painted for a bit.  He changed into different clothes to inspire himself for the groovy painting.

Styx decided that he wants to learn to hunt and began practicing on the ball of yarn.  So fierce!

After seeing the couple so lovey-dovey and feeling so excited about the future Jade was a bit more excitable that night.  I’m sure Donald didn’t mind!

What he did mind was getting abducted!  First his wife and now him?  What on earth had they done to grant this unwanted attention? He tried to ask the alien but just as fast as they’d arrived he disappeared.

The couple decided to invest in inexpensive cars and had them painted fun to make up for the fact that they are pretty junky.

And then in the morning, Jade’s water broke unexpectedly!

Donald was so freaked out he raced into the hospital leaving his poor wife waddling along behind him.

It’s a girl!  Jazmine Masters!

Awe, look at you little one.  All wrapped up like a burrito.

Jade’s friend Sports called to congratulate her and she chatted while holding little Jazmine.

Jade finally put the baby down long enough for Donald to get a snuggle with his new baby girl.  He immediately started thinking perhaps they should have another baby.

Jade decided to try again making her favorite dish Goopy Carbonara and it came out very nice this time instead of horrifying.  She was quite proud.  Everything in her life finally seems to be falling into place.  She’s a highly respected sculptor now, getting calls quite often to help out with this or that.  She’s inventing interesting things.  She has a talented husband who loves her.  And now she has her baby to secure the family line!  She’d be a bit happier if they had more money but decides that will come with time.  Things are really looking up!


I did a little research on aliens after the second abduction.  Mostly to see what would happen if Donald got pregnant and how I would know.  I thought him looking sick after he returned was a sign but I was wrong.  Thank goodness.  As cool as they are I just didn’t really want an alien baby.  At least not yet.  I did read that space rocks can encourage them to visit.  I checked and she had one.  This one that I took a pic of because it was so huge.  I have no idea if this encouraged it or not because from what I read the abductions are supposed to be quite rare and the number of space rocks pretty high to even have an effect.  No clue!  Jade gave the space rock to Barbi as a gift.  Maybe Ken would like an alien baby?  She later learned that Barbi herself was pregnant.

Here is the father of Lady’s puppies.  The Brussel family is by far my favorite.  I looked again at the household description in hopes it would note who created them but it didn’t.  It just said they played a large role in the founding of Union Cove.

So many people were upset about there not being horses in Sims 4.  Personally, I’ve never played much with them.  I did adopt a unicorn once but stopped playing that family shortly after.  I believe that this may be the reason that they were left out.  Sims seem to ride them around quite often.  Like they do the bicycles and cars.  Maybe they just didn’t want to deal with that in a non-open world?

So funny!!!  I’ll admit I cheated them back the money.  I just wanted to see what happens.

I have no idea why this feels like such a huge accomplishment.

Chapter 1.10

Chapter notes:

I’m absolutely loving the opportunity system in this game and how much it lends to story-writing.  It really does make it feel like they are more a part of the community.  I have no idea where or when she met Sports Fan.  They are friends and he calls quite often to chat.  He’s married if you’re worried about that.  Technically, his last name isn’t Fan anymore.  I just didn’t want their kids to have that last name if they had any.  I’d thought perhaps she’d met him from the police station because she got some relationship with the officers there but after looking at her relationship panel I don’t think so.  Maybe I can figure it out by looking at previous chapters.  I also was completely sidelined by her going into labor!  After the super-long pregnancy, I thought it would be longer.  I’d planned to have her go meet Lady’s puppies that morning but that’s not happened yet.

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  1. I personally don’t mind that they’re not horses in sims 4. I feel like we get so many more aspects in Ts4 than ts3 that people don’t appreciate. We can’t have everything and honestly they did so good with Cats and Dogs in my opinion we don’t need horses. If I want horses I will gladly go back and play ts3.

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