TS4- Bay Tides 4.5: Cashing in on Poop!

Rotation 4 Chapter 5
Five Finger Discounts Chapter 5

When I started playing them I remembered the gold bars that were in her inventory.  I was still on the fence about whether to use the poop money or not.  So, I put it to a vote.  Poop won!  I did play a bit while waiting for the results though so you won’t see what I did until partway through.

Meryl the uber-prowler started off right away bringing presents.

Since she was tending the garden Lilah sent Ulrich off to do the same.

With the garden taken care of, I grew very bored and had no idea what to do with them.  So I started clicking through her whims and she had one to do a workout video at the gym.  This gym is Ridge Rock Gym by luckyheather… who also built the house I got later coincidentally.  I’ll have to remember to add it to the lots page later.  For some reason, the gallery site isn’t working for me right now.

I hadn’t realized that Ulrich was dirty when they left but noticed it while she was working out.  I had to add a tub to this room so she could bathe him because he was miserable.

Also miserable was Meryl.  She’s very much a hunter and was losing her mind trying to find something to hunt.  Lilah gave her a squeaky toy which temporarily distracted her.

Just a quick climb on the wall because I think they’re cool.

I figured while we’re in Oasis Springs let’s go steal from one of the bigger houses there.  Which wouldn’t have been as bad of an idea if I hadn’t deleted most of the sims I’d moved into houses in an effort to not have a lot of sims clogging up this save.  Not my most brilliant idea.  So there are only 2 households in houses in Oasis Springs now and one of them is in a tiny house.  The other is the hottie, Terrence.

As per usual, I paused the game and scoped out the house looking for valuable items.  The only thing I could see that was obviously worth anything was the TV he was currently watching.  So she ended up going into the dining room and swiping a painting.  It just goes to show that a large house does not mean it has expensive items.  If she could steal beds maybe.

I wanted that TV and really had no idea what else to do so they settled in for the long-haul.  The pets really liked Terrence.

Ulrich lazed on the couch and Lilah made herself at home cooking some food and watching the soon-to-be-stolen TV.

Meryl, on the other hand, lost her mind trying to find something to hunt!  She did this the entire time.  Thinking of hunting and running all over the neighborhood trying to find something and looking at things in confusion.  Why did they only add dirt piles to the other worlds when only dogs can use them?  I know the bushes are from Get Together but would it really kill them to give them to people who don’t have that pack so that the cats have something?  I feel like if you have a prowler cat you have no choice but to live in Brindleton Bay.


Oh.  All the way over there.  Hi Ivy!  They chatted for like two minutes then Ivy said goodbye and left.  Finally, the cooldown on stealing was over and Terrance went upstairs to bed so she swiped it and they were off back to the house.

Total shocker! That painting was worth almost §1,000 more than the TV!

Okay!  Here’s the new place.  Like I said, it was created by luckyheather.  It’s called ‘Sailors Watch’ Starter.  It’s meant to be used in the Whiskerman’s Warf area where Catarina and Veer live but I just loved it.  Did you know you can’t place a residential lot on a lot that’s classified as a store?  I just assumed it would change types when placed.  No.  I had to go to an empty lot in Newcrest, place it, change the type to store and save to my library in order to place it here!  I did a lot of changes to the inside but the outside is almost exactly as she made it.

This is the store.  If you look at the previous picture you can see there is a double entrance.  The one on the right goes here.  I actually took this pic later so there’s a computer she stole later this day in there.

She finally has a kitchen.

I thought it was hilarious that I spent pretty much all of that poop gold money on a fridge and stove!  Gotta love it.  Which is why the place is mostly empty still.  Even though most people didn’t think it was cheating I still felt like it was.


…upstairs.  I did extend the rear of the house a bit since it was built for a 20×15 lot and this is 20×20.  I really have no idea what I’m going to do with the undecorated spaces yet.

Yes, the pictures are all out of order… I wanted to do the little tour first.  So, after remodeling the house and adding in her stuff I saved and went to bed.  In the game, it was like 11pm and Lilah and the pets had just fallen asleep.  I started the game and it was 6am the next day and she’s doing sit-ups!  What on earth?  I got a notification that Ulrich is very hungry.  Deja Vu.  This has happened to me three times now!  Once in the Robinsons, once in Curses, and now here.  The odd thing is that nobody else seems to know what I’m talking about when I mentioned it on Twitter.  Why am only I having so many bugs?

I really really liked the fence that was in this garden area but there wasn’t a gate that worked with it because it was super short and she couldn’t step over it like this fence.  Leaving a gap looked odd to me so I just changed to this one.  I had to extend the garden area to accommodate her many plants.  I did sell a few and might sell more because she literally took most of the day evolving these plants!

Oh.  Then she took up a few sim hours running all the way past Nyssa’s house to their private beach to pick up feathers that Meryl had found.  I only let her do it because I was curious why she was running to Meryl in the first place.  Huge waste of time though.

Mmm more fruit salad.  Yummy yummy.  Mostly, I just wanted to take a pic of the dining area… and the cat and dog sleeping.  Megs picked out the table for me.  I really like it.

It was already 6pm.  The entire day was wasted.  I didn’t feel like spending the rest of it running the store.  While looking at the map trying to think of where they could go I saw the island.  Lightbulb!  There’s a very exciting reason to visit there at night!

While we waited we watched the sun go down from the lighthouse with the pets.

Quick pitstop to grab the aforementioned computer.  She did actually steal something else from here later but when I looked after they got home it wasn’t worth hardly anything so I had her return it.

C’mon ghosties!

Geeze.  Meryl spoke up that she had to potty and of course there was no litter box in the graveyard so I had to add one to the museum lot and have her call Meryl back to do her business.  I did notice something interesting though.  I clicked on the litter to see if I could call her to use it and there’s a “put into inventory” option!  I tested this out at home and apparently we can carry a spare litter and food bowl in our inventory!  Sounds nasty but it works for me!

We spent several sim hours lurking in the graveyard playing with the pets.  I was about to give up on the ghost pets when I looked outside of the graveyard and found some!  Captain Whitaker is a premade that comes with everyone’s B.B.  I was expecting to see at least him.  He was not friendly.  Neither was the other dog there named Kona.

We met this cat named Nova.  Look at that dog!  It is not our Ulrich!  It is a stray dog that looks very similar.  The cat next to him is Mayor Whiskers.

I finally saw one pet in the actual graveyard.  Max here was perched on top of that tomb.  The cats were friendly at least.

I hadn’t realized until I was on the lookout for ghost pets how really huge this island really is!  It’s enormous.  Also, I hadn’t noticed this neat little wall here.  It took me quite awhile to manage this pic because it kept going blurry for some reason.  Worth it!  So pretty.

Chapter 4.6

Chapter notes:

I’ll admit this is not the most exciting chapter in this household.  My original hopes to get her a boyfriend or girlfriend didn’t happen.  I really want to follow their whims as much as possible and she had none.  I even had her invite Ivy and Terrence when she went to the gym.  They went off to do their own thing and never spoke to her.  She had no whims for them.  She hung out for hours in his house, no whims for him.  She did have that whim to chat with Ivy when she was walking outside of his house and my hopes got up but Ivy didn’t really seem interested in talking and she didn’t get any more whims after that.  It’s things like this that make me iffy on lowering the ages to the normal lifespan.  Because I don’t want to wait too long but I also don’t want to force it.  If it continues like this I’ll have to re-evaluate.  I mostly changed it because it felt like it was taking forever for the baby-child stages to age up.  I might just change the YA or A.  We’ll see…

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