TS3- The Masters 1.8: Preggo

Generation 1 Chapter 8

Jade (finally) discovered that the vomiting she’d been doing for days was due to being pregnant.

It’s Styx’s birthday so he’s getting lots of attention today.

I think Donald is a little in awe of his wife’s pregnancy.

After dinner, they noticed that Styx was about to age.  Jade was so excited she jumped for joy.

Oh, what a handsome cat!

Special hugs from mommy.

It’s odd seeing him actually filling up his little bed.  It’s also odd that Jade’s using a food processor.

Off to dig in the junkyard so she can start dabbling in inventing.

Donald wanted to know as much as he could about Jade’s pregnancy so he headed to the bookstore and bought a couple pregnancy books then sat in a nice shady area to read.

Playing chase with a full grown Styx is much different.

Jade was called by the police department to sculpt a witness to help identify them.  Everyone was very impressed.

Styx seems fascinated by the tub.

Leisure Day came and with it buckets of rain!

Donald wanted to get his face painted but instead of looking cute he looked terrifying!

They did a short egg hunt but both of them were drenched and nobody else had been silly enough to show in this downpour.  They did both find a special egg worth quite a bit of money.

It finally occurred to them that they hadn’t set up poor Jeepers Creepers in a terrarium!  The poor little guy has been riding in Jade’s pocket until now.


Now that Styx is older he wanted to meet some other pets.  He went out in search of them and met this cat named Sideburns.

Then, when Sideburns wandered away, he met Justice.

Jade starts dabbling with inventing.  It’s a little different than sculpting but she thinks of it as another form of artistic expression.

Jeepers Creepers gets lots of attention as an apology for forgetting him.

Donald was invited to the bookstore to attend an inspirational seminar.  His poor umbrella is in tatters!

He decided to do some laundry while he was out of the house.  He noticed a broken machine dumping suds all over and repaired it while he waited.

Donald!  The point of the terrarium was to not keep him cooped up in a pocket any longer!

They relaxed for a bit before bed that night watching the stars and chatting about the baby.  Jade wondered aloud what it might be like up there in the stars.

Maybe wondering aloud was not her best idea!  She arrived home exhausted and feeling probed and stumbled into bed.


I was doing my usual sim-watching one night when I noticed a sim named proprietor of this park…

I had a bit of fun turning the more fanciful sims into fairies.  There’s one more I think that isn’t pictured.  The two in the top photos are sisters.  I turned two sims into vampires.  One had a note in the description saying he would make a good vampire.  The other is Elvis… because it’s hilarious.

Chapter 1.9

Chapter notes:

I’m sure you’re confused about the pregnancy.  I’m sorry!  First, after I had them try for a baby I regretted it.  I felt like it was too soon to be chained to the house all the time.  So I used Master Controller to pause the pregnancy.  It was paused from the day after their wedding to the day after they moved to Union Cove.  Then, I found a mod that extends pregnancy.  The problem was, I got one that lasts really long not really thinking of how long it is in sim time!  We’ll just chalk it up to Jade being clueless and not realizing she was pregnant this whole time.

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