TS4- Bay Tides 4.4: I Remember You!

Rotation 4 Chapter 4
Single Sim Chapter 5

We spent an extra half a day in the Dogacy household and I had waaay too many screenshots already for them so I decided to go ahead and start a little early with Nyssa.  What’s up bumble bee?

She was just a smidge away from maxing her communication skill so she asked mom to help her with some words flashcards.

While they were at it I decided to see what everyone was up to.  Ashton was taking out the trash and I thought I’d check his character values.  I was surprised to see his Emotional Control is fairly high.  I’ve never noticed him doing anything that would help with that so I can only assume it’s from when he asks his parents pressing questions like what Voidcritter is the best.

Dad seemed determined to play cat wand with Nugget and kept following him around with it which was hilarious.  Nugget wanted nothing of it.

What Nugget did want was a fuzzy from the cat wand!  It fell off and he carried this around in his mouth a bunch of times while I was there!

Back to Nyssa!  Now that her communication skill was maxed it was time to move on to movement skill so she asked for help with stacking blocks.  She got lots of help.  Also, I just noticed that the barrel of flowers behind them is HUGE!  And now I can’t stop laughing.  Good times.

She was all blocked out so since her parents were watching kids tv anyway I told her to watch it.  Gives them imagination skill.  I’m not sure if you can see much from back there Nyssa.

I really wanted her to max her motor skill so she went to her favorite thing to play with.  The jungle gym!  From this angle that thing looks massive!

Awe!  Hugs from big brother.

What a good brother.

Someone’s awfully proud of herself.

A story before bed.

I can’t wait until she ages up and can start training Nugget!

Nyssa was hungry (I gave her the taco) and for some reason, everyone decided to just creepily stand and watch her.  Instead of, oh I don’t know?  Sleeping!

She became companions with Nugget the cat but unlike when older sims do it there was no touching moment to photograph.  Back out to the ball pit we go.  The nanny was here but we pretty much ignored her most of the morning.

Fine, since you’re here help me stack blocks.

Mmm… tacos.

Daddy’s home!  Let’s play!

Thanks, dad.  We’ve finally maxed movement skill.  They look so cute!

Mom?  So that’s a no on a story before bed?  Maybe you should have thought of this before you roamed the house all night instead of sleeping… just a thought.

While I was laughing at mom passed out in the kitchen dad was tucking in the little bug.  Tomorrow’s birthday day!

I was surprised to see that dad actually has level 3 cooking so he won the “who gets to cook the cake” lottery.  It was a very short contest.  Anyway!  Here we are!  Now, you might already know what our girl looks like as a child.  She was the main sim I used in my Study in Autonomy.

Yes, Nyssa, the cat eating your cake is hilarious!

But wait there’s more!  Happy birthday… have a dog.  But not any dog.  No!  This is her dog from the testing Baxter!  Also known as the dog who swam through the air.

Hooray!  This is a very exciting birthday indeed!  We have Nyssa as we knew her and her loyal pup at her side.

Dad sits down chatting with the kids for awhile.  Ashton fills his sister in on what to expect in school and tells her that his friend Pierce has a sister her age.

We won’t clue her in on who else has been eating those tacos.  Some rare affection between her parents.

Now, I will admit the truth.  I had to switch out Baxter.  I don’t understand it but when I placed him he was terrified of the pool!  The Baxter we know and love was obsessed with swimming.  I’d given him an awesome shark costume to swim in and everything!

With that taken care of everything is right in the world.  Or is it?

Aha!  I knew I was forgetting someone!  Now that she no longer needs a nanny butler Bryant Carver returns.  This is actually his first time working for them because after “the dream” I replaced the bugged family with this one.  (So confusing!)

Nyssa chatted with the butler for awhile telling him about her big dog and that he’s friendly.

Yikes!  Umm… so we discovered that meeting animals does count for the Social Butterfly aspiration.  But it’s probably not the best idea.  She introduced herself to someone else walking on the beach and headed home having completed the first stage of her aspiration.  Next up is getting a best friend.

While Nyssa was swimming and socializing her room was redone.  It’s kind of a rich girl meets little sweetheart vibe.  It’s time to leave for now.  This was a very exciting chapter so you’ll have to forgive me for making it a bit more picture-heavy than usual.


Her thought bubble says it all.

Chapter 4.5

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