TS3- The Masters 1.7: Union Cove

Generation 1 Chapter 7

Where’s everyone going?  They’re moving!

It took a very long time to find a new home.

Awe a new home and they only have eyes for each other.

Originally, it was planned to put Styx’s litter in the basement area but then they remembered that he cannot climb stairs.  Might as well keep the fancy box anyway.  He seems quite happy with it.

Jade hopped up in the middle of dinner to run to the bathroom and vomit.

Their house is the one in the bottom center.  They’re across the street from the park and movie theatre.

Ohmygosh Styx is so cute!  He seems quite happy.

Jade, on the other hand, is not so lucky.

Perhaps putting the easel outside in the spring was a poor choice.

These two never stop!

Her first topiary.  She would have really liked to keep it but they need the money.

There’s a nice little open air market close to the house and they head out to explore.

Jade meets Barbie who agrees to consign her sculptures.  Barbie is dating a guy named Ken Doll.  Word around town is that things are getting pretty serious.

So many shops and things to explore!

They were both hungry and thought it would be fun to make a date of it and go eat alfresco and enjoy the evening.

How nice!

They were almost late for the movie so they ran to the theatre.  Good thing their house is close so they can just walk home afterward.

They got there just in time and headed inside for the show.

After the movie, Donald was feeling a bit flirty so he suggested they go back inside and mess around backstage.  Look!  It’s Elvis!

Styx is so darned cute!

Donald agrees.  He gave him a hug before he left for the day.

Where did he go?  The school!  They called him that morning asking if he could teach a handiness class to the children.  He was very stressed out by the time he was done.

Jade spent the morning alternately experimenting with the workbench…

…and vomiting.  The poor girl!


I seriously could not stop laughing!  This was their first night there.

Can you spot the unicorn?

Haha here he is another night!

Was she riding a horse home from work?  Look at the intense look on her face!

Chapter 1.8

Chapter notes:

What happened you ask?  Well, I finally decided to download the rest of the packs minus Island Paradise and I wasn’t much in the mood to actually play at the time.  So I started messing around placing lots from the other packs that I didn’t have in before.  I noticed two things first, there really isn’t anywhere in Sunset Valley to put anything and second, I didn’t recognize more than a handful of townies and most of those were premades that are also in Sims 4.  Story-wise Mortimer and Bella wouldn’t be around much longer anymore, right?  I’m not exactly sure.  Now, using a custom neighborhood is what I think gave me so many problems the last time so I was hesitant.  I actually have quite a few of the store maps.  I have no idea when I bought them.  So I started searching to see which one people preferred.  What I didn’t expect was that people answered (in old forum posts) that this or that was their favorite EA map but by far their favorite custom map was Union Cove.  So I decided to investigate.  I’ve used Carl’s Sims 3/4 Guide website for years.  I never knew that they’d made a neighborhood as this huge joint effort. 

Note from the future: I deleted the part where I say there isn’t lag.  There is.  It’s not horrible or anything but there are stutters here and there.  Also, it takes 10-15 minutes to save the game!  I tried bulldozing some of the larger lots like they suggest on the forum but it’s not helping.  I also found that most people weren’t even able to play this world.  It’s an extra large map… it’s gigantic!  It’s really neat and I like it and the sims in it but there are only a few more Masters chapters left before I start exploring trying to find a better place for them to live… I have no idea how I’m going to write the chapters with the two sims I’ve been playing since them in different saves or how I’m going to mesh it all together once I decide what exactly I’m doing!  I have almost 200 screenshots and not a clue what to do with them! 

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  1. Union Cove hint: delete some of the big mansions. There are two empty ones (I forget the exact names but they were made for AmberLea and Metropolis Man) that always cause issues. It’s a lovely world though! I always forget that and then I load it up for whatever reason, go downtown and say “dang, wow”.

    Liked by 1 person

        1. Oh really? Why’s that? Truthfully, I hadn’t even realized they had forums for like a year of reading the guide stuff. Now, it’s too confusing to tell what’s Sims 3 related and what’s Sims 4 related so I don’t use them much at all.

          Liked by 1 person

    1. That guy on the horse… well the family really… have become my favorites in that ‘hood! I think they’re called the Brussels. As to lag it’s hit and miss. What drives me nuts in UC is the save times!


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