TS4- Bay Tides 4.3: Much Needed Help

Rotation 4 Chapter 3
Dogacy 1.5

Remember in the last chapter with Catarina when she took Josie to the vet Veer was there with Daisy?  Well, apparently since they didn’t stay long enough for her to get treated she was still sick when I got to the house.  So, first order of business was a vet visit. We went to the Delgato’s vet clinic and while Megs was there along with Kit… nobody treated her.  Kit brought her to the exam table and after Daisy climbed on Kit just walked out and started chatting with other pets.  So back to the original clinic.  I had actually planned to bulldoze it!

Our girl had Swamp Mouth.  Which sounds disgusting!  I think the vet that treated her was a bartender or mailman… maybe he moonlights?  Cone of shame intact we return to find Ahab outside awaiting our return.

Mom slinks by the pups.

Veer takes his love for tea very seriously.  He has at least 5 cups a day.

A little comfort for our big girl is in order.

Daddy Ahab plays with one of the boys.  Having identical puppies is confusing.  I wish we could put collars on them.

A little roughhousing with Ahab.  It doesn’t really look like roughhousing.

Attention for our pups.

Another cup of tea for Veer.  Looks like mom wants to play but Olive Oil has some other ideas.

So adorable!

Ahab is out and about as usual.  It’s funny because Daisy is the one with the independent trait but he’s the one always exploring.

Moby decided it would be fun to roll in pee and needed a bath.

Mom, Olive Oil, and Caspian decided that the stove was terrifying after watching Veer cook his dinner and had to sit looking at it. In fear?  I’m not sure what their purpose of viewing the object they feared was.

With both of the adult dogs unhappy and wanting walks and Veer barely able to keep his own needs up it became glaringly apparent that this was just too much for one sim to handle on their own.

Veer tried calling Cornelius but apparently, he was in the area so he took a walk over to the daily catch stand where he was working today.   He offered him a place to stay with free room and board if he would just please help him with the dogs.  Also, he’s getting on in years and he wanted to be assured someone would be around to care for them when he’s gone.

Of course, Cornelius agreed.  Since the first day meeting Ahab and Veer he has been attached to these pups.  First order of business, take Ahab for a nice long run.

After returning with Ahab he immediately leashed Daisy.

Daisy would normally prefer a leisurely walk but with so much pent up energy a run was a good idea for today.

Then back to the house to show all of the puppies some attention.

This time Caspian gets a bath.  They really need to be trained not to play in puddles!  Especially pee puddles, gross!

Mom and dad decide that the bath puddle is the perfect place to be.  I’m sure the quiet of the bathroom has something to do with it too!

Speaking of quiet.  Despite all of the yapping and howling Veer managed to take a nap.

Then I had the idea to take pictures for the wall of all of the puppies.  First, we have Caspian.

Next, is Moby.

But try as I might I couldn’t manage to get an up-close picture of Olive Oil by herself.  I had to keep taking pics of the other dogs to get her in them closer up.  Which led to an obsession on my part of getting a close-up pic of her resulting in almost 100 extra screenshots in my folder that needed to be deleted!

Veer cooks up some fish and chips for dinner and entertains Cornelius with stories of his days working on the docks and all of the colorful characters he’d met over the years.

Ahab had been out and about again and must have rolled in fish or something because he returned filthy.  There seems to be a lot of bathing going on!

A morning jog with Ahab… yes, morning.  We’re still waiting for the puppies to age up!

Then another jog with Daisy.  No, Cornelius, we are a dog family!

Are they ever going to age up?  Surely today.

Yet another attempt at a pic of Olive Oil resulted in an adorable pic of one of the boys instead.

Veer was probably outside mopping up pee.  As much as I like the sun shining into this room I think I’m going to have to roof it in to stop them peeing out there constantly.

Awe look at him howling for mommy.

Enough was enough.  According to MCCC the puppies should have aged up already.  I was at my wits end and already here a day longer than I’d planned.  I was growing bored just twiddling my thumbs waiting for them to age up and also obsessing over not being able to get an up-close shot of Olive Oil.  Anyways, I sent Cornelius to the vet clinic to buy some age up treats.  But the second he returned home they aged up!  Something was wrong here.  Just like when Daisy gave birth it didn’t happen until I exited and then entered the game again.

I had my suspicions about Olive Oil.  Why?  Because I couldn’t get the camera close to her in Simstigram pics!  The only reasoning I could think of was that it already thought of her as a big dog!  I really don’t understand where the snout came from.  Wherever it was it took her from running as heir.

Taking them into CAS and comparing them I realized that the boys are identical in every way.  There is not one thing different about them.  I really don’t understand where all three of them got the pink coloring.  Both parents have black noses and inner eyes.

In the end, I decided that Moby was the best choice for heir.  I didn’t like Olive Oil’s snout and both her and Caspian have the Jumpy trait… I have no idea where they got it but there ya go.  Moby is adventurous, playful, and stubborn.  At this time, I’m not sure how soon I’ll start the next generation.

This made me so sad!

Chapter 4.4

Note from the future: I think you can see a little better after this chapter why I’m upset about those pictures in the Hecking’s house being black.  I have pictures of pets in ALL of the houses!  This one I wanted to use the pictures to track the dogacy through the generations.  If I start up this household and see them black I think I’d quit Sims 4 for a good long time.  I actually haven’t played Sims 4 once since that day I played the Heckings.  I’m afraid to go to another house that has photos.

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