TS3- The Masters 1.6: Sculpt You

Generation 1 Chapter 6

Ah, the life of newlyweds!  Constantly dip kissing and jumping into each other’s arms.  Jade’s sculpting must make her very strong.

And there’s lots of this going on.

Perhaps it’s fond memories of their early days making her sculpt this one again?

Hello Styx.

A little bit of chase with the kitten on a rare sunny spring morning.  Donald was out taking his first guitar class.

Jade brought her newest sculptures to the consignment store.

Then she got a call from the police department.  They wanted her to honor an officer by sculpting them.  But she knew no officers and it was Sunday!  So she headed to the park with little Styx in tow to meet some sims.

It was as if it was meant to be!  The first person she spoke to was an officer!  Apparently, he wanted to really relax on his day off at the park and left his shoes at home.

Jade tried going home and calling to invite the officer to the house to do the sculpture but he declined.

That is a very interesting painting by the way.

Returning to the park to try to coax the officer into coming home with her to be sculpted… perhaps he’s shy?  Jade once again brought little Styx.  He had a fun game of chess with Cycl0n3 who was dressed as if in disguise.  We can tell who you are by the sunglasses!

Finally!  He returned to the house with her and she began sculpting him.  He struck the funniest pose!

Donald decided to give them some privacy and played his new guitar.

How can he hold that pose for so long?

It had taken so long to convince him to return home with her and her needs were so bad that she ended up stopping halfway through!  He pulled a book out of his pocket and sat waiting for her to return.  But she was just way too exhausted to continue.  He ended up sleeping on a lounge outside for awhile and I was about to get a pic of him when Styx woke him up and he finally left.

Hello Jeepers Creepers!  Gotta make things all nice for you.

Finally, she finished the sculpture from the head to the bare toes.

The sculpture was worth quite a lot of money and it was a shame to give it away but she did learn some new tricks while at the police station and rushed home to try them out.

Today she will do her first sculpture in stone!

Donald is handy.  He wanted to upgrade an object.  I don’t think he really knows what he’s doing because he’s knocking on it with a hammer.

Donald wanted to buy a cat condo for Styx.  But the little guy couldn’t really use it yet.

He decided to get a tattoo.  It is his genes and Jades together right on his wrist above his wedding ring.

Jade woke the next morning feeling ill.

And had to run to the bathroom quickly.

Her stone sculpture was ruined by a gem inside of it!  It wasn’t very valuable compared to the cost of the huge hunk of stone.

Donald wanted to garden and Jade had a few seeds so he went out to plant them on the small flat area on their land.

Then it was back to the daily grind for the two of them.  Just because they’re both self-employed doesn’t mean they don’t work!


Bambi!  Literally.  Her name was Bambi Deer.  I love watching the world as the sims sleep.

Chapter 1.7

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