TS4- Bay Tides 4.2: A Kitten for the Kitten

Rotation 4 Chapter 2
Lynx Chapter 6

New day dawns and once again I realize that the little catnip garden has been neglected.

We give Nibbler attention but are trying not to get attached.  She’s such a good cat too.

I realized Josie had returned from her adventure.  I found her way over near the playground sleeping next to a bush where another cat was fighting a squirrel.

Seriously Josie?  The other cat hopped out of the bush, she woke up and fought the squirrel too… and lost!

I was just about to go to the other vet office when I had a thought… if Megs now works at the Delgato’s office I wonder if she’ll be working instead of the game generating someone?  I popped in just to check and I was right!  It looks like Daisy isn’t feeling well either.

It was a quick diagnosis and Josie was trussed with a cone of shame.

It’s okay Josie we still love you.

Too much love Catarina!  Poor Josie looks terrified!

Nibbler went for a ride.

Everything a pet does is suddenly hilarious while wearing the cone of shame!

More tending to Faythe.  Truthfully, I was starting to grow quite bored of her being a baby.  Where on earth was my birthday notification???

Look!  Josie is sleeping and also singing love hearts!  So funny.

Oh, thank goodness in the morning I finally got the notification.  She took after her dad in almost every way from what I can see so far.  I was a bit disappointed because I love Catarina’s green eyes.

Cleo goes in to inspect the newly toddlerfied bedroom.

I have no idea why Faythe was acting up.  She was hungry but threw her food on the floor almost immediately after put into the high chair.

Doc got a snack.

Then the oddest thing happened.  Lucas just strutted into the house!  The only thing I can think of is that Faythe called to him but that would be weird.  No clue.

I need to get these cats fixed.

I have the feeling she’s going to be a troublemaker.

Funny kitty!

I forgot he’s childish!

A little more play time with our old man.

Ohmygosh look at Cleo’s face!  Her eyes are bugging out!  I think the fact the vacuum just took her out of the cat door startled her.  Josie looks like she’s laughing.

But then she seems to have gotten spooked as well.

Anytime would be great Nibbler.

I guess she heard me.  She went into labor shortly after.

Why are we congregating in the toddler’s room?  Oh yeah, that’s right.  Taking turns waking her up!

And then it happened!  Little Bartholomew A. Bittlebun, III was born!

Awe he didn’t get daddy’s dual-colored eyes.  He got his mommy’s stub tail.  I can’t wait to see what he looks like grown up!

He strutted into the bedroom and startled Doc.

Catarina woke up and greeted the new addition.

Sorry baby but mommy has to go.  We found her a nice home where she’ll get lots of love.

Billie will take good care of her new kitty.

Hopefully, our little kitten will take care of her little kitten as well.  We moved daddy in while we were at it… since he’d never left.

Chapter 4.3

Chapter notes:

I had considered changing the rotation to 4 days each household but I’ll tell you by halfway through the 3rd day in this house I was itching to leave.  I really do think this is the best way to play for me.  Even though eventually we’ll end up being on rotation 100 or something, lol.  Also, starting with this rotation I’ve changed the aging back to normal lifespan.  The only life stage I’ve left at a longer length is elder because of Veer in the next house.  Rotating them makes it feel like a lot of time is going by especially when I see sims from other houses while I’m not playing them.

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