TS3- The Masters 1.5: Newlyweds

Generation 1 Chapter 5

So sweet!  It was Snowflake Day and Jade invited Donald out to enjoy the festivities and they greeted each other with a kiss.

They took turns snowboarding.  All of the activity must have exhausted her because she had to go home after the festival.

In hopes that she’d catch him before work in the morning, Jade went to Donald’s house after she woke up.

She was in such a hurry she forgot to get dressed!  As soon as he let her in she dip kissed him.

Sadly, moments later he realized he needed to be at work and left.

A carving of how Donald makes her feel.  Like a true beauty for the first time.

Jade searched all around for the perfect spot and as soon as he was out of work she asked Donald to meet up there.

Apparently, he didn’t bring skates.

She took hers off so they could kiss.

And asked him if they could get married right there and then in this beautiful place.

He must have had a similar idea since he was carrying around a ring and slipped it on her finger.

They were both so happy!

He invited her to move in and they had a very romantic jetpack kiss before heading inside.

It was getting late but they had to celebrate!

And so, finally, our Jade has found love and someone who sees her beyond the awkwardness.

Donald was so happy in the morning he woke up early to paint.

Here you go Jeepers Creepers!  Your new home.

Are they so warmed by their new love that they can eat outside in a blizzard?

So sweet!  Dip kissing each other all over the house.

The next morning Donald had a little surprise for his new bride.

Oh no!  Poor little guy.

C’mere baby let’s meet your mommy.

He sat down holding the little kitten and at first Jade didn’t even notice.

But once she did she was overjoyed!  They decided to name him Styx.

Awe look at that little face!  Donald admitted he’d intended to get a puppy but when he saw that little face he couldn’t resist.

No, Styx, Jeepers Creepers is off limits.

Ohmygosh the cuteness!

They had a sculpting station and scrap table added to the upstairs loft and worked together in companionable silence.  Everything was right in the world.


Who turned Nancy Landgraab into a vampire???

Yikes!  Don’t move things while they’re using them in Sims 3!

Chapter 1.6

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    1. They are really cute and affectionate. Things didn’t work out in the world I moved them to so I’m just messing around trying to find a new one I like before moving them again. Also, I’ll have my son here starting tomorrow so I can’t really get too involved in playing for a few weeks. All pre-written chapters!

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