TS3- The Masters 1.4: Amore

Generation 1 Chapter 4

It’s starting to get cold.  The perfect time to start working with ice as a sculpture medium!

Starting to get the hang of cooking.  Yum pancakes!  She enjoyed them so much she had leftover pancakes for every meal.

Making her daily trip to the library Jade noticed someone new.  His name was Donald and the attraction was intense.  They stood there for hours chatting and next thing she knew they were friends!

Wanting a change from the chill of working with ice she went back to her favorite medium.

Snow glorious snow!

She was in such a good mood she decided to visit Donald at his house.

After taking off his jacket Donald plopped a yellow hat on his head.  It made him appear very young.  She was so eager to have a relationship with him that she followed him into the bathroom for their first kiss!  He didn’t seem to mind.

Feeling light of heart Jade made her way home to bed after the kiss and in the morning she entertained herself playing with Jeepers Creepers and doing a little sculpting while she waited for Donald to return home.

She returned to Donald’s house and after letting her in he headed upstairs to continue a painting.  She decided she needed to get his attention back on her.

Perhaps she was just moving too fast in her eagerness.  She really likes Donald but seems to have forgotten that there’s no real rush.

They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.  So she prepares an autumn salad for their dinner and Donald watches some television.  She tries not to be hurt that he doesn’t join her in the kitchen.

Maybe it was the food.  Maybe it was just timing.  After dinner, Donald began to focus his attention only on her!

Her first time.  Finally!

It was very fun.

But then Donald immediately left the bed and went to sleep in the loft upstairs.  The setup of this loft is very strange.  It looks as if it’s made to have someone paint a person lounged on the bed.

In high spirits, Jade hung her holiday lights when she woke in the morning.  Then, Donald called her asking if they could meet.  She thought this odd because he should be at work but decided to go anyway.  Perhaps he’d taken the day off?

But no, she’d been right.  She waited for him and he never showed up.  An elder man with no sense of humor gave her a hard time and she grew bored and headed home.  Soon after returning home she received an apology call from Donald.

Back to work.  She decided to carve her love today.

She’d have liked to have kept the Donald carving but alas she needed the money the consignment would earn.

After he’d gotten home from work Jade called Donald and invited him to her house.  He immediately walked up to her and stroked her cheek in greeting.

She was swept up in the moment and the romance of it all.

She knew in her heart that Donald was the one for her.  While at the consignment store she’d purchased an inexpensive ring and added a flash to the box for effect.  Donald was shocked but thrilled.

And they had a lot of fun celebrating their engagement.


Alright.  I’ll confess.  I set the Nraas mod to import a bunch of sims into the neighborhood and as they moved in I sent her to meet them.  This guy had terrible traits and was really mean to her.

This one had chemistry but at that point, she’d already met Donald and they’d hit it off so well.

She also had chemistry with this guy.  But once again, he moved in post-Donald.  I also didn’t like the looks of him.

As I always do in Sims 3 I watch the neighborhood while my sims sleep.  I have the Tagger mod that shows where everyone is in the world and I’ll occasionally zoom in on those doing something interesting.  I saw a ghost in the park and got this shot of a ghost child! If you look closely you can see she also has a star on her cheek that matches the dress.

I also saw this crazy tourist splashing in the ocean!

I was a bit entranced by the idea of moving her to this lot by the waterfall.  You’ll learn in a future chapter why this didn’t happen.

She wanted to do a jet-pack kiss and I wrongly assumed they’d go outside for it!

Chapter 1.5

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