TS4- Bay Tides 3.8: Bouncing Babies?

Rotation 3 Chapter 8
Stages Chapter 5

Yikes.  I’ve never had a single sim with triplets.  I’ll admit I was nervous.  Zoya didn’t seem very confident either.

Whew.  Everyone was fed and cuddled and now it’s time to get some hacking done.  She had only a few hundred dollars left after buying the house and as you’ll see it’s pretty empty.  All of the toddler paraphernalia isn’t cheap.

After her first hacking was successful she called nanny Henson so she could get more done.

I forgot to do the baby roll for the Stages challenge.  Oops.  I decided it would make the most sense to roll once for the three of them instead of for each of them.  They got the doting family.  Which means Zoya will need to be good friends with all of them by the time they age up to toddlers.  Since she’s the only one really taking care of them that shouldn’t be hard.

Her computer broke mid-hack so she hired a repairman.  Going crazy trying to get free services after the triplets were born sure is paying off.  She chatted with him for a few minutes then lost interest.  He’s too nice of a guy for her.

Brent and Brant stopped by to welcome Zoya to the neighborhood.

She chatted for a little while then grew bored and returned to the newly repaired computer.  She was around them just long enough to catch whatever sickness Brent had just before I left them.

Nanny Henson announced her time was up just as Zoya was mid-hack and then both of the girls started crying from dirty diapers.  Sorry girls but this needs to be done or you won’t have beds when you age up!

Zoya was bored and noticed a flock of birds outside of the house and went out to scare them.

Back inside to tickle little Zoey.

She’d just gotten to sleep when Toby started crying because he was hungry.  Midnight feedings take a lot of time.  She got up at least three times!

What’s the matter, Toby?

Being inside with the babies was making Zoya stir-crazy.  She’s used to being in the city where she spent barely any time in her apartment.  So she went to the little common area.  She noticed a stray cat that looked purple and went to get a closer look.  Not friendly!

She bought the hungry stray some food so it wouldn’t injure her but as soon as she set it down for the cat some lady just walked up and took it!

Gross!  That’s pet food!  The lady sitting next to her is hoping someone will save her.

And this is when Zoya’s illness took hold.  She was coughing and sneezing and got spots.  She called nanny Henson and took a nap.

While she was sleeping nanny Henson cooked a blackened bass.  Zoya wasn’t hungry so she put it in the fridge and the nanny seemed pleased with Zoya’s reaction.  They’re actually good friends.  I think Zoya just wants to stay on her good side so she can help with the kids.

After nanny Henson announced her time was up she tried getting some sleep before work but the babies just wouldn’t let her.  So she called their dad hoping he would help take care of them.  He changed one diaper.

Poor girl.

She arrived home at 9am completely exhausted and ready to pass out.  No chance of a promotion in her state.  Two days of non-stop baby crying.  I’ll admit I’m looking forward to the house with 4 cats and only one baby next!


I spotted Yogi out walking Bolt.

Then Ally walking Oolie.  She must have been a good girl because she earned a treat.  From what I hear she feels she’s always a good girl!

Chapter 4.1

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