TS3- The Masters 1.3: Adjusting to Present Day

Generation 1 Chapter 3

After waking feeling unsatisfied with her dreams Jade decided to start the day early.  The time traveler had suggested that she meet some plumbots.

The time traveler called her up after she met the plumbot Takk0 and suggested she switch out the trait chips.  This seemed odd.  How would she know anything about such things?  But she did it and when she got home realized she had one of the chips in her inventory that she didn’t use. She sold it since there was no point in holding on to it.  The plumbot was so nice she thought briefly of what it might be like to kiss it.  Would it be cold and metallic?

Next, the time traveler suggested she visit the wastelands.  She’d already been there the day before.  Perhaps she should have followed his recommendations for exploring the future instead of high-tailing it to meet the descendants first?  She searched and found some key fragments.

There was a hoverboard in her room and it seemed to be free to use.  When she went back to the past it was still in her inventory.  Oops!

This plumbot was not as social as the one she had a crush on.  Perhaps the crush was due to the fact that it was one of the first beings to really talk to her other than Cycl0n3 who ended up being kind of a jerk.

It was very creepy.  She went to her room to use the all-in-one restroom and the time traveler was just lurking there.  He suggested she go see her descendants.

At that point, it was getting late and she really wanted to have some fun.  One of the other rooms had a holo-computer and she borrowed it for a few minutes to play a game.

That night she dreamed about romance and woke flirty but wistful.

This was a strange cubed food and she chose it just to see what it looked like.

She was feeling homesick.  Kind of like she didn’t fit in here.  Although at home she doesn’t fit in either.  She headed back to her descendants home to say goodbye.  At least they seemed sad to see her go.

She made her way to the portal in deep thought.

Wow, that was not an easy ride!  She felt ill and off-kilter.

She had been in deep thought since she’d returned home.  Thinking of her future and how she could make it better for her descendants.  Then, as if her ponderings had changed something a holo message from the time traveler appeared!  He told her that she’d begun to change her future and she should visit again when she’d made more changes.  How exciting!

She headed to the library.  If she was to have descendants that must mean that she’d one day have a child right?  Once again she looked at the dating profiles.  They were all wrong!

She decided not to let her lack of a love life get her down.  Her new favorite sculpting medium is wood and she got a huge block for her newest sculpture.  She doesn’t want her descendants destitute so she needs to make more money herself.  But the illness she had been feeling since she’d returned from the future seemed to be getting worse.  She began to feel like she was flashing in and out of existance!

As she was heading out the door to go to the hospital to be admitted she found a vampire lurking outside of her door.  She disliked him immediately and felt confused as to why he was there since they’d never met before to her knowledge.

Her admission to the hospital was short but she was very relieved to have the time travel sickness symptoms subside.

As she was walking home she saw a raccoon and decided to watch it.  She was so distracted that she almost got hit by a car!  If it hadn’t braked to avoid the raccoon she might have had a mishap!

Despite her near miss she was still fascinated by the raccoon and decided to try to pet it to see if it was friendly.  Not friendly!  Youch.

Just like me.  A fish out of water.

It was such a culture shock sleeping in her crappy bed after having slept in the posh dream pod in the future.

Spooky Day!  Hooray!  Just the distraction she needs.

She got pumpkin face paint to get into the spirit of the festival.

Oh, pumpkin picking!  She later realized she’d never carved her pumpkin.

She noticed a boy looking angry.  Mortimer Goth.  Perhaps he was told he couldn’t participate in the pie eating contest because he hadn’t done his homework?

I don’t think Mortimer minded as much doing the homework when little Bella sat with him doing hers as well.  Look at the side-eye she’s giving him!

One of the contestants was finished and perhaps she was feeling nostalgia for Cycl0n3’s kiss after his victory in the hot dog contest because she began flirting with the man!  He was not pleased and stated that he’s married but she persisted.

She really wanted to try the apple bobbing but someone got there first so she watched and rooted them on instead.

She had a quick chat with little Bella and told her some funny age-appropriate jokes before Bella wandered off in search of Mortimer.

There was a fire pit and she decided to roast some marshmallows.  This is nice.  But she couldn’t help the sad thoughts that it would be even nicer if she had someone to share it with.

She decided to have one more trip through the haunted house before she left and was cursed by a witch to stay as a ghost the rest of the festival!


Her wish to have social dreams wasn’t fulfilled because I couldn’t remember how to use the pod!

Umm… what?  Jade really has her romantic wiring crossed.  Pun intended.

Her face here made me laugh!

I didn’t really take this seriously.

Yikes!  This one freaked me out I’ll admit.

Whew!  I think I’ll get that lifetime reward before her next visit.

I was mooning over little Mortimer and Bella and the next thing I know she’s flirting with a stranger!  I realized then that it might be her flirty trait that’s making so many sims uncomfortable around her.  I stick to the belief that she’s the most awkward sim I’ve played though!

So funny!  She moved so slowly though.

When I saw this I got really annoyed and then a little while later there was another and I finally gave in and used the mod to kill the doppelganger I’d created and the one that the game had added because silly me didn’t realize it would happen if I left her in the bin which is really weird.

Chapter 1.4

Chapter notes:

I love plumbots!  I had one through most of the generations of my legacy and though it was cheating I kept her on in my 100 baby challenge because I was so attached.  Her name was Stella.  I also love the holo-computers and dream pods.  I really do love a lot of the stuff that came with that expansion pack but like I said before, I’ve never even messed with the idea of changing the future or any of that.  She’d really made no changes at all when the time traveler popped up telling her she had.  I can only assume it was the intention to do so that spurred the change.  My goal of seeing the premades was met and even more than expected.  I’ll admit I was extatic to see Mortimer and Bella together!

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  1. This was so fun ! I’m thinking about playing TS3 again , thanks to you ! I have changed the future in my game . .. it’s also weird to see how present events affect the descendants . The crush on the bot was hilarious !

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s so funny I was thinking everyone would roll their eyes and say they can’t believe I’m playing Sims 3 but so far most people get all nostalgic. LOL The bot crush was so funny!


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