TS4- Bay Tides 3.7: Something for Everyone

Rotation 3 Chapter 7
The Heckings Chapter 3

When I got to the house it was showing Brei at daycare so I had them travel and then come home to reset her.  A little impromptu hug from dad when they got back.

Since Brent only had a few hours before work he painted to fulfill his work task.  I didn’t realize until later that he’s wearing his partywear.  I guess he likes it?

While Brent is working little Brei keeps Brant busy.

She was imitating Ruby but I guess she wasn’t happy that Ruby seemed unimpressed.

Then Brent left for work and she became sad and started crying which seemed to have alarmed Ruby.

What’s up with the faces guys?

While Brant was potty training Rosie trotted in and fell asleep on his foot!  So funny!

Nap time.

Awe!  I love the sparkling cat wands.

Brent returns home with the news that he was promoted.

Then he asks Brei about her day.

And gives her a snuggle.  So sweet.

Such a happy family.  Brant did roll a whim for another baby and I say no way!  Let some of the kids in the rotation age up first, please.

First, Rosie woke up Brei and while Brent was scolding her Ruby woke up Brant.  Ruby has done it so often she has been trained not to do so now!  I took a screenshot of Brent scolding Rosie but it came out terrible.

Brei was hungry so she was fed and her dads went back to bed.

Awe!  Best friends to the end!

Umm… thank you, Joaquin?  I laughed so hard when he did this!  Usually, they just run up and drop the feathers somewhere and run away again.

Since Brent had the day off it was decided that the entire family visit the park together.  Brent did some painting.

Brant took some photos.

And Brei socialized.  Look!  It’s me!

Awe Dozer baby!  I ended up having Brant fill the food bowls all over the park but every time I looked I found more of them!

Is there a reason why you need to kneel to view the painting?

This time Ruby seemed pleased to be imitated.  Probably because Brei did a better job!

Sharing the love with TigerLover.

Brant watched an intense chess match between Ally and Anichelle.  Apparently, the park is the place to be for simselves.

Sharing the love with Finnegan.

Ruby wanted attention so Brant played catch with her.

Brei was playing with her owl toy and invited Stefan to play as well.  He grabbed a dino toy from the toybox.  It was cute.

Back home and the little bug was tucked into bed.

Brant took Rosie for a short walk.

And Brent gave some attention to Ruby and Joaquin.

Night everyone!  We’re off to the next house.


Digging for gold Joaquin?

He actually did find something!  An upgrade part!

Pic 1

Pic 2

Pic 3

Justin!  What would Supriya say???

Chapter 3.8

Chapter notes:

The next time I played them all of the pictures that Brant had taken while they were at the park were black.  

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