TS3- The Masters 1.2: Descendants

Generation 1 Chapter 2

Because of the rain, I had to add a little sculpting area to the back of the house.  I am so not used to seasons!

You might remember the night before she’d gotten barely any sleep trying to woo that jerk Cycl0n3.

I made this addition so small it was hard to get the camera in there!  But really she couldn’t afford much more.


Her favorite meal is Goopy Carbonara.  I was excited to make it and forgot that her cooking skill isn’t that great.

That looks disgusting!

That nastiness was tossed out and she had some canned soup instead.

Having newspaper delivery is neat but in the end, I almost always stop delivery.

Time to go to the consignment store and hope to sell some stuff.

She always wants to take a greeting card photo.  I had them all on the wall and when I took a closer look at them… they’re identical! It’s the exact same pose with a different background.

Back to the dating profiles.  Nothing new.  Nothing exciting.  Oh, plum.

Might as well play some games instead.

Oh no!

Okay now, how does this thing work?

Woah!  How exciting!

Hey dude where are my descendants and what happened to them?

Umm… at least it’s big?

Hail!  It is I, your founder!

Awe a hug!  How nice!  At least he seems happy to see me.

Hey there!  I was just in the neighborhood… thought I’d stop by… see how you’re doing and all.

Yes, it’s me!

Oh, you’re too kind!

I believe we’ve found the problem.  There seems to be some kind of issue with this one.  Not too bright looking is she?

Not sure exactly how I can fix this descendant issue and a bit unnerved by the fact that they are destitute we travel around trying to find something to do.

She wanted to go to the wastelands I think it was called.  But after going there nothing happened.  After canceling out the wish I figured out that I probably should have found the icon for them and had her “go here” geeze.  We watched this future resident play a strange instrument.

While out there she found some nanite bugs and picked a few wildflowers.

She had an opportunity from the future dude to use the jetpack but I really had no clue how to use it.  I didn’t learn until later that these things have a high chance of death!  Yikes.  I got a mod that prevents that because something so cool should not be restricted for fear of death.

Umm… wow.

Back to the lodgings to make something to eat.  She orders nachos from the odd food thingy and it spews water all over her.  At least let’s hope it’s water.

Time for bed.  This certainly is posh… compared to home at least.  Time for some nice dreams.  Hopefully.

Chapter 1.3

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    1. It really is very different now that I’ve played it again. I know everyone always complains that we don’t have this or that in Sims 4 but it makes it even more fun going back and playing the other games since they are different.

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  1. Interesting…. Maybe you can have her find a future husband since folks seem excited to see her there….then you can have a time paradox in your story. Lol.

    I have to admit this is one of my fav. Packs

    Liked by 1 person

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