TS4- Bay Tides 3.6: Happy Pet Happy Vet

Rotation 3 Chapter 6
Delagato’s Chapter 3

This is an illusion.  It never happened but it was too cute not to screenshot!  I spent like 4 sim days just letting the game run in different households watching to see if that new mod that stops all of the pets in the world from being sick and dirty works.  Which it does.  Hopefully, it doesn’t mess with something else forcing me to take it out.

And here we are really with the family.  Like all of my toddlers, little Evie is way behind in her thinking skill.  Might as well have dad work on some flashcards.  I also went with the plan I made while playing Lilah’s household to start filling the household needs when I get there instead of spending the first several hours just trying to get them all back in the green.

Daddy was forgotten and Blue became the center of attention.

Deb brought her cat in to be treated.  (Ignore the empty space where the machine goes.  I was trying to figure a way to get the owners to sit on a chair over there but they won’t.)

The cat’s drooling was making everyone uncomfortable so I had Justin stop what he was doing and come mop it up.  That’s a lot of drool!

Whatever issue I was having the last time that was preventing her from getting paid happened again.  She closed the clinic and made a couple things on the lab table before they all returned to the home lot and then back.  They did make $800 profit from the vending machine while open so it wasn’t a loss.

Catarina was the first customer upon reopening.  Poor Cleo had some kind of cold fur thing.  I really should write the stuff down for when I’m writing the chapter later!

Then Charlie brought in her cat who had a similar affliction.

Are you sure you want to get your face that close to those jaws?

Pierce got home from school and joined his sister sitting on the couch eating while watching their mom do vet stuff.

I don’t know if the “concerned citizen” is standing outside of the door because of Evie being in there napping or what but it was hilarious!

So exciting though!  Our very first 5-star review!

Last appointment of the day.  Brant brought Rosie in and it was a simple diagnosis of a flea circus.  I remember that one because it was so funny and she literally only had to do a fur inspection to discover what it was.

While mom tends to her needs little Evie plays with the pets.

Were you wondering what Justin was doing all day other than taking care of Evie?  Studying a handiness book!  I want him to be able to upgrade the robot vacuum in the clinic so it can suck up the wet messes!

I love it when parents autonomously do this!  He just stood there watching her sleep for a while.  She had a busy day!

Another training session with Blue.  Pierce was very pleased with her at the end and she even got a treat as reward.  Just in case I did cheat him as well as most of the other sims I’ve been playing the Carefree trait because I think it’s ridiculous that they become tense the moment a pet makes one little mistake and then they look angry in every screenshot!

This was hilarious!  I thought everyone was sleeping and then it popped up saying that Evie got movement skill level 5!  I found her in the ball pit outside!  Get back to bed missy!  Maybe one of the pets woke her.  Pets seem to do that a lot until they’re trained not to wake up sims.

So cute!  Pets really do add so much to the game.

And in the morning our new vet tech Megs arrived!  I was extremely excited when I saw her listed under potential hires.  She immediately introduced herself to Bartholomew, Sr. so that’s a good sign.

I was a bit disappointed.  I was hoping that Supriya would use the new vet room I’d added.  (The original room that was there but I saved to my library so they could afford this place)  Simslover brought in his kitty to be treated.  Hot feet or something like that.

Justin was helping Evie with her blocks but noticed that Blue wanted some attention.  Also, for some reason, Evie wore the same outfit she wore the day before.  Maybe she’s just attached to it.

I was still trying to figure out the whole employee thing and since Megs didn’t seem to be greeting any patients or making any gestures like she was going to treat anyone Supriya asked her to make something on the lab table.  But you have to queue a new thing after the first is made!  It’s not helpful at all!  Anyway… another cat brought in by Deb.  We sure do see a lot of her.  I think this is Scratch and I think he had winterfest flu.

Yay!  Megs greeted Patch, Caleb’s dog and brought them to the other exam room.  She looks like she’s trying to give herself the patience to work with a hissing vampire right behind her.  It’ll be okay Megs!

Next door Supriya is treating this very strange creature.

Yikes!  She’s brave.  Thankfully Caleb backed off and had a seat letting her work.

Awe our little pumpkin playing with Blue!

This is the very first checkup visit!  Everyone else has been ill.  This creature was healthy.

This creature was not so healthy.  Last patient of the day.  Megs is praised and given training after work.  She was thrilled.

It was still fairly early and I was trying to decide what they should all do.  Then I thought it might be fun just to do something with Pierce away from the family.

The original plan of texting Ashton and having him pick a fun place to go was scrapped.  They went to the park in Windenburg.  That park is useless.  I need to replace it.  But when they got there I had the awesome idea to create a kids club!  And there are just enough children to make one.  Pierce needed a Voidcritter card so he searched for one quick before running back to the new pet park I’d put in Willow Creek.

While he was away Blue was getting lots of introductions from the many people enjoying the new park.

I want Pierce and Ashton to be friends.  If I can’t play Ashton I can at least give him a friend, right?  Here are the other children in the save.  Sitting behind Pierce is the only girl Billie who is one of the four premade households I left in the game.  Lorenzo in the brown shirt you know as the kid who invited Catarina to the Romance Festival and also the kid that Lilah stole from.  Next in red is Finnegan and in yellow is Stefan.  Stefan was the one who came to their house last time I played them and I found him hours after I thought he’d left playing on the computer.  One girl.  I’m told she ages up nice.  It’s too soon to worry about that though!

All of the animals were crowding around the one food bowl.  I brought Justin there to fill it for Blue.  I really need to figure something out with the food bowls.  I’d thought about making a sim who fills them at all of the lots.  I just keep forgetting about it.

Note from the future: When the Heckings visited the park I had them fill the food and realized there is a whole lot more than the original one bowl I’d seen.  I plan to use Rainy to fill all the bowls everywhere but just haven’t done it yet.

One of the club tasks is to battle Voidcritters but none of the other kids autonomously used the other station.  This is more of a pet lot than it is a children’s lot.  I just really wanted to see it.  This lot and every other non-residential lot in the Bay Tides save will now be added to the new Bay Tides Lots page.  You can find it in the top menu on the main blog site when you hover over the Bay Tides chapter index it will be there.  You’ll see all of the lots I’ve added so far.  I added several today that nobody has visited yet.


Day one plus $800 in vending machine treats.

Day two.

That face!  OMG  Then I read FlameSloth and I lost it!

Pierce is gearing up for his next battle!

Chapter 3.7

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