TS3- The Masters 1.1: So Awkward

Gen 1 Chapter 1

A/N: If you follow me on Twitter you know I’m about to lose my mind over all of the random townies that the game keeps needlessly producing.  I’m not going to get into a huge rant about it here.  I’m sure nobody wants to hear my OCD issues that these sims give me.  So I decided to take a break and play a little Sims 3 for a change.

The first few pics I took just to show Megs on Twitter so I wasn’t really trying.  I played 10 days last night before deciding after going to bed to pursue playing her further since I was enjoying it more than expected.  Sometimes I forget that despite the many similarities the games are still very different.  One of the first days playing her she caught a chinchilla and decided she wanted to keep him in a terrarium.  He was named Jeepers Creepers.  No clue why.  I had a bird named Jeepers Creepers Peepers once but it’s an odd name for a rodent.

A/N: I didn’t realize until later when I was doing some searching that chinchillas are a very rare find.

Ice cream truck!  Freezer bunny ice cream!  Summer!  Yay!  I’m sure the novelty will die off and I’ll grow bored or annoyed with the game but at the moment the difference is kinda fun.

I decided to play in Sunset Valley so I could see the premades.  I’ve never paid much attention to them.  This is Malcolm Landgraab she’s playing water balloon fight with.  It was leisure day and she’d been swimming in the ocean before this.

Wow that tan!  At least she didn’t get burnt.

So here’s the point where I’d actually decided to continue playing her.  So let’s recap.  She works from home as a sculptor.  She’s sold a few sculptures through the consignment store.  Pretty much every sim she’s tried to talk to hasn’t liked her.  Oh!  And originally I was going to do this doppelganger idea someone posted on MTS where you place a copy of your sim in the neighborhood and watch to see what story progression has done with them.  The doppelganger annoys me though because everyone seems to like her!

A/N: After I added a few mods to the game and the TWO doppelgangers were getting into relationships and seemed to be showing up everywhere she went I got annoyed and killed them.  It would have been a better concept had she not have had such a hard time finding a relationship!

My Sims 3 outdoors screenshots always look so dark!  I noticed that when I was doing my Wishacy last year.  I don’t have the ambition to lighten up screenshots so we’ll just have to suffer through them.  So she’s a sculptor level 3 through city hall.   Her sculpting skill is level 5 while I’m writing this and her lifetime wish is Descendant of Davinci in which she needs to master sculpting, painting, and inventing.  Which is where I later got the “masters” idea.  I thought it would be fun to have a legacy-type-thing where each generation tries to master skills and jobs… whatever.  Just a family that strives for perfection.  So I changed her last name to Masters.

A/N: After she visited the future I added to the goal that she should have an affluent lineage.  I’ve never paid much attention to this part of the pack so I think it could be a lot of fun!

I forgot the ice cream was out of a carton.  It’s funny, I’ve never liked alpha CC in Sims 4.  I can see now why so many people do though.  It looks very much like the Sims 3 hair.

Her social was super low so I took her to the library.  I remembered that she’d been messing with a dating profile a few days back so I had her check her messages and she had several.  But after looking at the guy’s traits I felt like they were all duds.  So I started looking through her relationship panel to find guys she’d met.  I hadn’t given it much thought before now because I really hadn’t expected to play her more than a day or two until I cooled down from my temper tantrum over random sims… which might still be the case.

A/N:  It really isn’t the case.  I have several more chapters ready to be written!

After looking through who she knew I saw this guy who she met the first day I think and he spoke to her for a few seconds then left for work or something.  His name is Cycl0n3 Sw0rd.  I looked him up on the wiki thing and I guess he’s a gamer so he goes by his gamer name.  With no other promising prospects, she invites him out.  For some reason, they ran around to the side of the library to start talking as if it was in secret or something.  Which is why I took this screenshot.  It was funny… but you really can’t tell that’s what’s happened by looking at it.  Silly me.

She was hungry and I couldn’t figure out how to have them go to the diner together so I had them go to the park instead where the summer festival was in full swing.  She ordered from the concession stand and then couldn’t find him.  There he was doing an eating contest!

After she finished her meal she walked over to root him on.  He won.

What a woosie!  She got sick from watching them eat?  Also, that vomit is disgusting!

Post-vomit they start chatting again and building up their friendship.

OMG!  Either it’s meant to be or it’s doomed!  So freaking gross!

She has a good sense of humor so she told him a flirtatious joke.  In Sims 4 it counts as a joke but apparently, in Sims 3 it’s a romantic interaction.  He decided she was being flirty and seemed all for it.

First, kiss so sweet!  Apparently, he doesn’t mind the vomit breath since he likely has it too.

And then boom!  He wasn’t into her anymore!  She is so awkward.  I was shocked they’d gotten this far because she seriously could not have one good conversation up to now.  Of course, I wasn’t screenshotting it so you’ll have to take my word!

Eh.  Time to go home.

Good morning Jeepers Creepers.  At least you love me!  And then I discovered that after they’d each gone home the night before Cycl0n3 Sw0rd had gotten married!  Darn, you story progression!  This drove me nuts in my 100 baby challenge.

She asked him on a dinner date anyway and he accepted.

I kept hearing a weird noise and found that someone was dumpster diving behind the diner!  So funny!

She came out of the diner and there was no sign of Cycl0n3.  (Okay, I’m really hating his name now that I have to keep looking at it to type it!)  Finally, he came out and they started chatting.  This girl walked up and stared at them for a minute.  I thought at first she was the new wife but she wasn’t.  I expected her to join the conversation and ruin any chances of flirting but she walked away.  Then, I realized they can’t do that in this game.

Ugh.  Even a flirtatious joke didn’t work.  They were good friends by this point.

I decided to just go for it and tried a shy kiss.  And he didn’t push her away!

An even deeper kiss and he’s all for it.

Geeze he just dumped his new bride.

OMG Bambie don’t crush me!

She asked him back to her place and he agreed to stay the night.  She wanted to woohoo and he seemed totally into her.

Then he just crawled into bed to go to sleep!  What?  She wanted to make out and I’d finally figured out how.  Looks like she’s taking advantage of him.  So funny.

He’s like ugh no I don’t want to woohoo with you gross!  Also, he doesn’t look very attractive without his gamer get-up.

She crawls into bed and he immediately snuggles her.  This guy has no idea what he wants.

In the morning he woke up and they were flirting and getting along great.  She still had that wish to woohoo but when attempted he once again acted like she’s disgusting!  This girl is so awkward!  I was going to keep pursuing him figuring it was something I was doing wrong since I’m not used to the way things are done in Sims 3 but with the annoyance of trying to type his name and the fact he looks not so attractive outside of his cool clothes she might as well try her luck somewhere else.

Let’s recap… It’s been 14 days.  When I cheated to change her name in CAS it reset her age!  She’s got pretty good skill in sculpting but hasn’t made barely any money yet.  No friends and after the failures with Cycl0n3 no romantic prospects.  I’ve extended the YA age stage a bit so I won’t feel rushed now that I’ve decided to keep playing her.  Hope you’ve enjoyed this.  I’m planning to alternate these chapters with the already written Bay Tides chapters for now.

Chapter 1.2

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      1. That’s funny! I thought you meant to type “too” and not “two”. It really is a nice break. I wouldn’t be writing anything but I seriously cannot play without screenshotting so I might as well.


    1. Yes but it generates more and when you go somewhere with your sims they are all over the place looking all goofy. It’s fun knowing them and building relationships with them but it just keeps making more!

      Liked by 1 person

        1. Yea I already have it set to zero homeless in MCCC. These are sims the game generates to play a role like a busker in the city or a raccoon weirdo. I had a mod that stopped that completely but they couldn’t update it after pets.

          Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha you’ve finally gotten to (sort of) the stuff I’m actually playing now! I always feel weird when people comment on something I haven’t played in a while. The Masters later becomes Without a Compass which later becomes my SNAFU apocalypse after a time jump.

      Liked by 1 person

        1. Yes, I know too well how that is! I don’t make it easy with my post-a-day schedule either. Sorry about that but at least they aren’t very word heavy and I try to make them entertaining. Sooner or later I’ll get inspired to play Sims 4 again I’m sure until then Bay Tides will be waiting. 😉

          Liked by 1 person

  1. I know how you feel, I often start something and then get bored or distrated or just not feeling like doing it. I’ve been so surprised how much better my concentration has gotten since I started the blog and youtube 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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