TS4- Bay Tides 3.5: Unwanted Houseguests

Rotation 3 Chapter 5
Five Finger Discounts Chapter 4

After spending the first hours with Lilah and her pets getting everyone’s needs sorted I got a bit frustrated.  I decided that from now on when I enter a new house I’m just going to cheat the household’s needs up.  Lilah was exhausted by like 8pm!  Anyway!  Time for some fetch with Ulrich.

Meryl likes sitting on these tables so much.  Every time I can’t find her there she is!

Enough fetch.  The garden needs tending so Ulrich is sent hunting.

Look, mom, I got a present for you!

Meryl finally decided to stop perching on the tables and hunt too.

More presents for mom!

Lilah was getting hungry so they went to the park and she (finally) met Terrence who I’ve been thinking of setting her up with since he’s a klepto too.  She might have other plans in mind though.

She really didn’t get much of a chance to chat with Terrence though because both pets wanted her attention.

I really have no idea what Lilah is gesturing about.  I took the pic because of Meryl passed out in the garden.  So cute!

Day two.  Day one was a total bust.  Hopefully, we can accomplish something today.  Although with the way it’s starting out I wasn’t very confident.

I sold her stuff in buy mode that wasn’t very expensive so that when people shop they’ll only have high-priced options.  But that didn’t leave much to sell so it’s time to go find something new to swipe things from.  As usual, the owners welcomed them in.

The kid Lorenzo that wanted to go to the romance festival with Catarina lives here with his parents.  I guess the mom was at work because I never saw her and then later when I was checking to see if anyone was in the area where the piano was I realized that the dad must have left too.  She grabbed a computer when she first got there since it wasn’t clear to swipe anything else.

The dad just sat there drinking his water and watching TV like there wasn’t a strange woman and her pets hanging out in his house.

Meryl was not thrilled with Lorenzo’s attention.

I don’t know if there was anything that Meryl could hunt up but Ulrich found a dig spot.

After the cooldown was over and she was able to swipe the piano they returned to the lot to open the store.  Cathy Tea is a frequent customer.  Actually, it seems like the same customers show up almost every time.  I keep hoping an owner will show up because that would be hilarious but no such luck.

Can you guys pay less attention to the dog and more attention to the items for sale?  The one lady is the adoption agent so I guess it’s not surprising she’s drawn to the pets.

After selling Cathy Tea a violin Lilah starts working her magic on Ivy aka the original raccoon weirdo.

Ivy buys one of the pianos!

Everyone crowds around the computer.  Will there be a bidding war?  Lisa Bee is unsure.  She thinks she might have lost a computer just like this recently.  After all of that staring at the computer Jasmine, the adoption agent made the final sale of the day buying the other piano.

So true to life!  I said it would only be truer if there was a toddler in the bathroom with her too… but we do not want more children in any of the houses right now!  Let a few of them age up and maybe.

I was looking around for where one of the pets went and noticed all of this gold poo and golden bricks on the beach!!!  Holy moly!  She picked them up but I’m hesitant to sell them because she’d practically have enough money to build a house just from that and it seems cheaty and the struggle is part of the fun!

Don’t ask.  I don’t know.  She was uncomfortable from a pulled muscle from playing with Ulrich and then she stepped in poop but this was a bit of a dramatic reaction.

She had a whim to flirt with Ivy the weirdo which I’ll admit was a little disappointing since I’d hoped she’d like Terrence the red-headed klepto vendor.

Perhaps it’s become apparent that Ivy, though cute, is also a weirdo?  Look at Lilah’s face!

Umm… so you guys watched her go to the bathroom and shower and now you’re going to be super creepy and watch her sleep? Have at it then.  Your time’s up!  Those two days flew by.


I did not sell the gold.  I just took a pic of what it would have sold for!  Holy moly.  Do you remember when I was doing the testing in this save and Nyssa was a child and she gave a bunch of pets the poop randomizer?  It was on that beach.  Do you think that’s what could have done it?  I guess we’ll never know!  I don’t expect it to happen often because I did manage to find a mod that prevents all of the walk-by pets from being sick and dirty.  That was really starting to upset me.

Chapter 3.6

7 thoughts on “TS4- Bay Tides 3.5: Unwanted Houseguests

  1. I’m laughing because my pets are also weirdos and like to watch me sleep… my cat especially. He will stand on the bed post at the top and look down. I have a picture and I’ll have to send it to u because it’s funny but so creepy in the middle of the night

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