TS4- Bay Tides 3.4: Dreams Come True

Rotation 3 Chapter 4
Single Sim Chapter 4

Hey Nyssa!  This girl really likes the jungle gym.

Her mom and brother Ashton had already left for work and school but daddy had a few more hours left so they chatted for awhile.

So cute!

A pet for Nugget.

Hello there nanny Henson!  I’m sure she’s happy to have a break from caring for the triplets.

Gotta work on that thinking skill.

The nanny was washing a dish or something and Nyssa followed her in and sat playing with her tablet and chatting.

Chatting with the nanny while playing with blocks.  Her communication skill is almost maxed!

Mommy gets home and I realize she’s actually quite hungry.  The nanny had started cooking but then Nyssa started talking to her and she stopped.  After her dad came home he finished cooking it which was nice.

Mom went for a swim and must have worked up an appetite because she grilled some hot dogs… then didn’t eat them.  I dragged them into the fridge too.

And then it was Nugget-watch time until he went to bed too.

A present!  He carried it into her parent’s room and when her dad woke up he put it in his inventory.  I didn’t open it.

She slept until after her parents left for work.  A taco from the fridge instead of asking to be put in the highchair sounds great.  Nanny Henson started cooking and then wandered off.

I’m following a lot of her whims.  Might as well.  So when she wanted to read a book I bought some from the bookshelf for her.

Then she wanted to play with a toy.  Nanny Henson really likes the TV.

Make yourself useful nanny.  Nyssa got her thinking skill to 3!

Mom and dad are home from work and Nyssa ran out to greet mom.  I really do mean run.  She’s fast!

Ashton even gets attention from nanny Henson.

I’d put cat wands into everyone’s inventory because sims really seem to enjoy playing with them when their fun is low.  I’m sure Nugget appreciates it!

Nyssa wanted to chat with Ashton who was playing on the boat jungle gym.

Then dad came out to check on them.

And they all told jokes and talked.

Then mom came out too!

As little Nyssa got into her bed she thought dreams do come true!


This is how I got a nanny without controlling the parents.  It didn’t pop up with the butler there.

This wasn’t the best placement of the cat stand.  But it made for a hilarious “fix” by Elder Jymm on Twitter…

I had the game paused and there were no Z’s!  I had to unpause and check him quick because he looked dead!

I really have no idea why Ashton wouldn’t take a shower.  He was so miserable I clicked on the hygiene need to give him a little push.  I know that’s cheating but his hygiene was full red.

Chapter 3.5

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