TS4- Bay Tides 3.3: Puppies are Here!

Rotation 3 Chapter 3
Dogacy 1.5

It’s been a day and a half and I’d been told it would only take a day so I was on Daisy watch.

Twiddling my thumbs watching the dog sleep.

Veer invited Cornelius to breakfast and Daisy finally popped up to greet him.

They had a nice chat over pancakes but Cornelius didn’t stay long.  I was hoping he’d be there for the birth.

What’s up guys?  No puppies yet?

Ahab wanted a walk and that sounded like a nice break from staring at Daisy.

Good morning Daisy.  Puppies today?

Finally! 2 1/2 days!

Gotta make our girl comfortable.

Are you ready to be a daddy Ahab?

I felt bad for her!  She spent hours pacing and circling the house.

That was very unexpected!  I thought I’d need to have the breeding ground house trait!

Triplets!  Oh my goodness!  So much cuteness.

First, we have Caspian in his daddy’s colors and Olive Oil in her mommy’s colors.

Then Moby also in his daddy’s colors.

I agree with Veer!  There’s just so much cuteness I can hardly contain myself!

Awe hello little one!

Daddy gives his little girl kisses.

How does it feel to be a father Ahab?

A little scratch.  I hope the boys look a little different from each other as adults because I can’t tell them apart!

A little mother-daughter time?  Where did she get that snout?  Both her parents are flat nosed.

I was gonna say “little family” but there’s nothing little about this brood!

Probably a good idea to upgrade.  This way we don’t have to watch the food bowls all the time.

Cornelius was finally done with work and headed over to meet the new additions.  I believe this is Caspian.

Mom keeps her eye on him as he meets Moby.

And dad proudly watches as he meets Olive Oil.  It was really late at night by then and Veer was in bed so Cornelius let himself out. And now, after double our usual time with them, it’s time to bid adieu to our pups for this rotation.  I’m going to miss them!  I think they’ll age up by the end of the next chapter we see them again.


I don’t think merging with the stairs helped her labor much but it was pretty funny!

Silly me!  I failed to see the “him” at the end and didn’t know if they were boys or girls so I had to rename them in CAS.

Poll time!

A/N: I’m not doing an heir poll.  At least not this time.  There was only one option I was happy with.  But I am undecided on what to do with the other two dogs.  Especially if I decide to start on the third generation sooner rather than later.  

Chapter 3.4

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