TS4- Bay Tides 3.2: Waiting for Puppies

Rotation 3 Chapter 2
Dogacy 1.4

It feels like it’s been forever since we’ve visited with Veer, Ahab, and Daisy.

I agree with Veer, they are adorable and I bet their puppies will be adorable too.

A little impromptu dance.  I love it when they do this.

You know what would make me really happy Daisy?  If you and Ahab had some puppies!

Looks like she likes that idea too!

So cute!  Unfortunately unsuccessful.

I can’t stop taking pictures of these two!  They always seem to be doing something adorable!

Like this.

Alright, guys let’s try again.  Sadly, this was unsuccessful as well but I got an awesome pic for the wall!

Let’s take a walk and get some yummies.  While they ate Veer was chatting with Cornelius at the fish stand.

Ahab wanted a walk and they started walking then I queued for Veer to tell Daisy to mate with Ahab again…

…and he walked right back to do it!  I meant after the walk.  Also, these cats had me laughing.  Poor Veer just cannot escape the felines.

Third time’s a charm?

Indeed it is!

A little fetch for our energetic dog.

Daisy woke up Veer and got scolded but then she looked so sad she got a hug.

Good morning everyone!  Puppies today?

Daisy spent most of the day just laying around watching everyone.

Ahab, on the other hand, decided he had a hankering for some fish!

He spent most of the day out here watching everyone (including me!) fish and they all stopped and chatted with him.

See the picture?!  I love it!  I think I’ll try to remember to do one each generation.  Special smoochies for our boy once he decided to come home.

And a morsel for our girl.

Are you feeling the love?  I sure am!  I love these dogs!  It appears that gestation is ranged like their ages and though I was told on Twitter it would take only one day it’s been one and a half with no sign of labor.  You’ll have to wait for the next chapter to see the cuteness!


Veer was joined by MilaBear’s Pepperoni Bear while eating dinner.

Chapter 3.3

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