TS4- Bay Tides 3.1: Catarina’s Kitten

Rotation 3 Chapter 1
Lynx Chapter 4

Dangit Josie!  Don’t sit on Vroom if you don’t want a ride!  Now it’s going to clean up the mess I’ve been leaving there just for this purpose!

Catarina’s bo Lucas stops by to say hi.

Are you sure you want to be part of this family Lucas?

Big giant baby belly!  I have no idea why there were dirty plates and bowls everywhere!  Normally she eats at the stands behind the house.

Yuck Josie.  I guess she’s adding “love” to the pancakes.

Ugh.  Remember in Zoya’s sidestep where she passed out waiting for the doctor and I mentioned something similar had happened with Catarina?  Yea, so she was here like 6 hours.  Finally gave birth and then my dog layed on my monitor cables and pulled them out of the PC.  When I plugged them back in I couldn’t get my mouse to line up with anything!  I had to turn the PC off meaning I lost the birth.  I’d actually saved right about here when she’d first gotten there so I just went ahead and sent her home the second time.

But, before having the baby… again I renovated the house.  Now, I did use one off of the gallery but I really left absolutely nothing the way they had it so there’s no point in mentioning it.  I kept her furniture and put it out and added a few things here and there.  Also, it was weird when I was going through her stuff to place it there were a bunch of things she had several of.  Like the cat planter she had 3 or 4.

The kitchen is the biggest change.  I think I’m going to have to move that small cabinet by the fridge because none of the cats have been jumping up there and I love it when they do that.

Back to the baby.  Unlike my suspicion that it may be twins because her belly was huge it was just a little girl.  Her name is Faythe.  I thought since both parents are bookworms a book name would be good.  In the Shifters series by Rachel Vincent the girl Faythe is a werecat shifter.  I read the series almost 6 years ago and that’s about all I actually remember about it!  Alright, so after this I went on hiatus for 4 days.  I had to quit playing for whatever reason and then had a day I couldn’t play and then after that, I played Zoya for two days.

We’re back!  And Catarina has gotten a bit of a makeover.  Giving some loving to Doc.

The cats are very distracting.  I need to care for the baby!

Now three of them are in here!  Look at their little costumes!

Yikes.  The catnip garden is practically dead!

Here sick kitty have a wellness treat.

And a little rainbow poo fertilizer for my troubles.  I learned a trick from watching one of The Sim Supply’s videos… with the game paused queue up each of the plants to be fertilized with the poo and magically there seems to be an unlimited supply!

She was driving me a bit bonkers reading.  I know she’s a bookworm but it seemed like every time I told her to do something I’d find her reading!

Tickle tickle tickle!

Cleo, please move!  Crying baby here.

Darn these cats!  Don’t sit on Vroom if you don’t want a ride!  Joaquin at the Heckings understands how it works!

Awe how adorable them battling is.  I think these cats could do no wrong in Catarina’s eyes.

A song from Doc.  So cute!

Hello Nibbler!  This is the cat I was hoping to adopt before the bundle of baby surprise.  Oh look Josie brought presents!  It was a train car that is in Faythe’s room now.

Look!  Nibbler is feeling flirty.

Have a little nuzzlenip Bartholomew!

Apparently, Bartholomew was less than impressed with Nibbler.  Then I saw Viola and remembered that she lives with Dalton with the other strays from Lilah’s old save.

Awe c’mon guys!  Oh well.  Next time.

Midnight feeding and I noticed little Bartholomew was sleeping in there with Faythe.  So sweet.

Either they’re guarding her or plotting her downfall.  I choose to believe guarding.

And here are the other two.  They all seem to really enjoy this outdoor cat tree.  And that’s it for the adventures of the Lynx family for now.  Next rotation let’s hope for a kitten!  I really want a Bartholomew A. Bittlebun, III.


I noticed Bartholomew hanging out on a crate behind the house and was about to snap a pic when I saw Cathy Tea walk up and then she reacted like this.  Bartholomew seemed confused by her reaction and wandered off but I got a good laugh out of it.

What I didn’t show was that I saw the cat poo the rainbow poo!  Yuck!

Umm… high tech cats we have in this world.

Hey Nibbler!  Want to come over and play?

I think someone has a crush.

Yikes!  I guess he didn’t take the rejection very well?

It was doomed from the start.

Chapter 3.2

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