TS4- Bay Tides Sidestep 4: Karma?

Stages Chapter 4

Things had gone so well with Tony telling him about the baby that when Kyle stopped by to remind her the rent was due she told him as well.  His reaction was nothing like Tony’s.  She tried not to think about the fact that the baby might also be Wayne’s.  She couldn’t stop thinking about how sad he looked at the restaurant.

She didn’t really know what to do when Kyle started crying.

So she left him to it to go throw up… again.

She came out of the bathroom and Kyle started yelling at her!

He was fuming angry and after a few attempts to calm him down, she asked him to leave.

Exhausted from the argument she sat down to grab something to eat but forgot to eat and fell asleep instead.  After this, she spent a lot of time concentrating on work and ignoring all of the guys.

Ivy the raccoon weirdo invited her to GeekCon.  This time Zoya decided to dress up.  She’s Zoya, warrior princess!  She’d hoped that once she got into her second trimester she wouldn’t be sick anymore but no such luck.

Ivy ran over to feel her baby belly.  It’s huge!

She saw Kyle and tried talking to him but he wanted nothing to do with her and her baby.

She decided to just concentrate on winning the hackathon.  That prize would be really helpful.  She did manage to beat Simslover163 this time and got first prize!

The second trimester flew by and one day after she’d entered the third Wayne called wanting to come over.  He was really sad and chatted with her for hours.

Unlike Kyle, he was eager to feel her belly.

They spent the whole evening together and chatted into the morning.  Wayne didn’t seem to want to leave.

Zoya was exhausted though and headed to bed.  Wayne stayed for a few more hours just sitting there looking sad.  It was heartbreaking!

One morning Tony came over angry.

I have no idea what his problem was but no matter what she tried it got worse.

When he started screaming at her enough was enough and she broke up with him and sent him packing.  Jerk.

Nothing exciting happened between then and her labor.  She talked to Wayne some on the phone.  Saw Tony at a karaoke bar and after greeting her with a kiss he started being mean again.  Kyle avoided her… and her baby at all costs.

With the turmoil of her life, she hadn’t even thought of someone she could invite to be there with her!  She really has no close friends.

And then, none of that mattered anymore.  The center of her universe changed.  Instead of splitting her attention between three guys…

…she has three little cherubs to keep her feet on the ground.

She called a nanny service and quickly realized that she needed a much larger space.  Up to this moment, the ramifications of having a baby hadn’t really settled in.

Nanny Henson followed her into the kitchen and started cooking too.  Maybe she doesn’t trust Zoya’s cooking?  She’s actually quite a good cook.

Oh calm down Nanny Henson!  She’s gotta hack if she’s gonna get the cash to move outta this place!

Nanny Henson?  Are you going to do anything?

Now that she’s a mother the skimpy underwear felt a bit odd.  She dug out some comfy jammies and passed out leaving the nanny with the triplets for awhile.

After months of scrimping and saving, Zoya was able to afford a house for her and the babies.

It’s mostly empty and it’s just stained concrete floors and cheap paint but it’ll be something great one day.  Rooms for all of the kids and in beautiful Brindleton Bay.  It’s even close to their fathers work.  She’s glad that she and Wayne are at least on speaking terms now.


I don’t know what’s going on with the hospital but it was worse this time than when I sent Catarina… which you know nothing about because it’s the next chapter even though for me it happened before this.

An overview of the upstairs of the new house.  I searched for hours for something like this.  It’s a total gem.  More than I could have hoped for!  It’s 5 Bedroom Starter (Fixer) by The_ArchitectMC.  According to their Origin they are only 15 years old!  I did change a bit.  I took the paint off the walls and flooring out to save money and extended the rear by one square so that the stairs would be centered.  Downstairs I deleted the 5th bedroom leaving it with a nice big living area.  She’s broke now but luckily she had almost everything for basics already.  I know I could have sold her stuff and got more with cheaper things but decided not to.

Chapter 3.1


My plan was simple.  Have her date a bunch of different guys with risky woohoo on 3% and eventually she’d get pregnant and it would be a big mystery who the father was.  But, once I turned risky on… she got pregnant right away!  I did leave the pregnancy at 12 days at first.  But after a while I just got bored!  I played through the first not showing trimester and then everything fell apart with all of the guys and there really wasn’t much to do… and she was constantly miserable which you don’t really think much about when the pregnancy is only 3 days but it started getting annoying.  So after the first was over it was like 4 more days.  Oh the joy of mods. She’s level 6 in her career but since I ended up turning aging off completely when I realized I still wanted to keep playing her she’s the same age as Catarina.  I guess we’ll look at these 4 chapters as a prequel or intro to her prior to moving to Brindleton Bay.  Surprisingly, I really enjoyed playing with her and I’m actually disappointed that it’s over.  I’m putting them in the rotation after the Heckings so it’ll be awhile before we see them again!

Note from the future 1: After Catarina and then Zoya got pregnant so quickly with risky I decided to do a test in my test save.  I had a gallery couple woohoo 25x on 1%, 25x on 3%, and 25x on 5%.  Nothing!  I was thinking maybe something was wrong but when they tried for a baby she got pregnant right away.  So it does seem to be working correctly which makes me happy because I feel like the pregnancies were meant to be and not just some mod issue.

Note from the future 2: I added this to the chapter I just played but since that won’t publish for awhile I thought I’d add it here too.  I’ve created a Bay Tides Lots page so that I can keep track of who created the different non-residential lots in the save.  At this point, you’ve only seen the first one South Bay Fish Co.

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