TS4- Bay Tides Sidestep 3: Pregnant?

Stages Chapter 3

A/N: The first screenshots are confusing because I played several sim days without taking hardly any.  Also, don’t forget I’ve got the pregnancy set to 12 days instead of 3.

Another beautiful night.  Zoya works really weird hours so she’s up until 4am most nights.  She enjoys her snack and heads to bed.

After she wakes up she thinks maybe that snack before bed was a bad idea.

A really bad idea.

She’s been living off of quick meals and vendor food so she decides to start learning how to cook for herself.

Kyle calls and she sits chatting with him.

Then Tony called wanting to come over so she took a vacation day from work since she wasn’t feeling very well anyway.

She decided on the spur of the moment that she’d like Tony to be her boyfriend and he agreed.

She was quite pleased.  Then they decided to go to the Spice Festival together.

Zoya failed the curry challenge and soon after this Tony left her there and went to drink at the nearby bar.

Zoya was still hungry so she grabbed some of the food that was out to sample.  That’s when I noticed that both Kyle and Wayne were there.  I was really tempted to have her leave but really Zoya doesn’t see what she’s doing is wrong so why would she leave?

Of course, she flirted with Kyle and Wayne saw her.  Wayne has the jealous trait so you know his reaction was pretty bad.

He flipped out…

…and she fought him right back!

She was thinking of grabbing some more food but whatever she’d just eaten didn’t seem to be settling well with her.

She found Tony and brought him home with her.

She woke with a craving for cookies.

Mmm… cookies.

Kyle called her and invited her to the ruins.  I’m not really sure why?  There’s nothing to do there.

He went for a jog and she got bored and took a nap.

Might as well make the most of the wasted time going there.

She’d finally admitted to herself that she was pregnant.  It had become too obvious to deny.  Tony was really happy.  Poor guy thinks he’s the only one she’s been seeing.

He gives her a big hug and they make their way inside the restaurant to celebrate.

Wayne seemed truly heartbroken to see her.

He stayed and chatted for a few minutes and then sulked back to the host stand.  She seemed to enjoy his reaction.

After Wayne left she lost her appetite and grew bored.  She’s been ill for months.

Tony tried to spark her attention but she was distracted.  She gave him a kiss and headed home.

Pancakes!  That’s what she needs.  Who needs men when you can have fluffy goodness.


Are you serious?

Chapter 4

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