TS4- Bay Tides Sidestep 2: Desperate for Attention

Stages Chapter 2

Zoya’s date for the Romance Festival made a beeline for the bar so she scoped out other company.  Remembering how her landlord looked upset when she was flirting with Nash at the lounge she made her way over and tossed some rose petals his way.

A little first kiss action.

In the morning Kyle invited her to the Flea Market.  Having an older man’s attention is a lot of fun for Zoya.  The teen spraypainting graffiti kept making motions to her.  I don’t think he’s so impressed.

Unfortunately, her flirting had some unexpected (by her) repercussions.  Nash spotted them and got really sad.

Kyle was left at the Flea Market while Zoya tried to patch things up with Nash.  It’s actually shocking that she managed to get together with him so easily in the first place since he’s unflirty.  Any efforts failed.  But she kept rolling one whim after another for him! I think she just couldn’t believe he didn’t want to be with her anymore!

Maybe a change of scenery and a flirty drink will help?

It did not.

When she got back to her apartment Kyle was there waiting for her.  At least he seems impressed by her.

Second best is better than nothing.

Having some ramen for breakfast.  Randy the hottie vendor sat next to her and kept looking her way.  This girl has total blinders for nice guys though and didn’t even notice him.

In a last-ditch effort to get Nash back, she went to his house.  They chatted and cloud gazed and got along pretty good.

Until she tried to make a pass at him and he started laughing at her!  She got angry and they spent the next few hours screaming at each other.

After the screaming match was over a defeated Zoya went home to sulk.

The sulking didn’t last long before she went in search of someone to let out her frustration on.  Poor Terrence always seems to be the vendor by her apartment so he gets the brunt of her anger quite often.  She declared him an enemy and went back to her apartment feeling a bit better.

She opted to sleep on the couch for some reason and I thought she looked so pretty I had to take a pic.  She looks like an anime character here.

Shaken by the whole break-up with Nash who she actually really liked she became determined.  She texted the host Wayne and he invited her out to the cafe she’d gone to with Tony.

He was totally into her.

And there just happened to be a convenient closet upstairs.

Then Wayne had to work and she felt lonely again so she texted Kyle who invited her to the bluffs.

And a little more fun.

Still refusing to be alone she called Tony on her way home and invited him to her apartment and gave him an enthusiastic greeting when he arrived.

They spent the rest of the evening watching tv and making out on the couch.

And then Tony spent the night.  To be continued…


Really, I have no idea why they keep doing this dip kiss!  It’s so strange!  It happens several more times.

See?  At this point, their relationship was almost completely red!  She walked into the house and dip kissed him then they started arguing!

Chapter 3

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