TS4- Bay Tides Sidestep 1: Stages

Rotation 2- Sidestep
Stages Chapter 1

A/N: Yes, something new.  Sorry!  I had a couple really bad days after several anxiety attacks took me by surprise and the regular families just weren’t working well enough to distract me.  So, I figured since I’ve written this new challenge and though I’m doing rolls already for it with the Heckings I might as well roll a new one.  Here are her rolls so far…

A- Single
B- One child
C- Criminal(Oracle) – May pickpocket sims. May hack and create viruses.
D- Idle Careers – May not make an effort to advance in your career. If the career goals happen to line up with aspirational goals, that’s a happy coincidence, because you may advance an aspiration freely.
E- On Call – Must respond to at least one “hang-out” phone call every week.

Meet Zoya Starr!  I’ve had that CC hair in my folder forever and didn’t realize until I was trying to decide on a look for her that it has the awesome version with red tips!  As stated above she rolled “idle career” which kinda sucks for first gen because she would never advance!  Luckily, the Criminal career does have an aspiration Public Enemy.  I figured if she’s going to be doing that aspiration I might as well make her mean while I’m at it.  Usually, mean sims aren’t that bad.  I really had no clue what to give her for the other traits so I went with cheerful because it always boosts positive moods and lazy because of the idle career thing.  She got a small apartment in the city and decorated it pretty nice.  I figured since she’ll be single there’s no need to make things less girly so I went super girly instead!  Now that I think about it, I’ve never rolled a girl as single.  It’s always guys.  Time to get that job!

This is the Bay Tides save so you’ll recognize a lot of sims.  Unfortunately, being in the city and going to so many different lots wreaked havoc and the game generated TONS of townies!  Time for some rude introductions.

She needed some mischief skill for work and since her aspiration requires level 8 in her career might as well get working on it right away.

Then the welcome wagon showed up.  I was a little surprised since I put her in an apartment with no neighbors but I guess they’re from the other buildings in this district.  The girl you might recognize as one of my favorite townies that I gave makeovers to.  I think I’ve mentioned it every time she’s been in a chapter.  Her name is Maki.  The guy is Carson and up until now, I didn’t know he existed so okay.  Somehow she became friends with him.  Her only friend.

She was doing mischief interactions like crazy and was very enthusiastic.

Most likely fake bad news.  I have no idea why sims actually like mischief interactions because a lot of them are kinda mean.

Zoya went out to the karaoke bar and met Lilah.  I’d kinda hoped they might be friends but it never happened.  They’re kinda two sides of the same coin.  The criminal and the klepto.  Except Lilah is very sweet natured… Zoya is not.

She met Tony next.  You might remember him as one of the guys I’d hoped to have Lilah date.  Until I realized he is evil.  Evil sims are so mean to children!  But, Zoya rolled single meaning any cute guy is free game!

They stargazed for a little while and then she went back home to bed.

One of my favorite things about Brindleton Bay are the food stands and it’s also one of my favorite things about the city.  The red-headed guy is Terrence.  He’s actually the guy I’ve been dying to set Lilah up with ever since I thought of him!  So, of course, Zoya and he cannot get along.  She was being really mean to him and poor innocent Travis sat down with them.  They turned their argument on him and even though I felt bad it was still hilarious.

Tony called her up and invited her to GeekCon.

She entered the hackathon even though she didn’t have any programming skill yet.  I noticed the other guy I’d hoped to set Lilah up with Nash so had her call him over.  It doesn’t look like it but she’s talking to both of them.

After Nash wandered off she started flirting with Tony.

Then she entered the ultimate gaming contest which she also did terrible at.

A little hacking in her undies.

She sent a text to Tony and he invited her out to a cafe.  A bold pickup line was in order.

Oh, calm down old man!

Time to make things more private.  I couldn’t figure out why I’d put that bandana thing on his head and then I remembered that’s the hair with the goofy cat ears.

The next day she notices the old man who gave them a hard time at the cafe and told him off for it.

A scuffle ensued in which many bystanders stopped to gawk and the old man beat her up.  Then she declared him her enemy and stomped wobbled off.

She noticed Nash nearby and stopped to chat with him.  She showed him her impressive muscles.

He was looking cute so she threw out a few flirts.  The lady walking by looks all too knowing!

Another classic bold pickup line later when they went out for drinks.

Her landlord Kyle sat down between them and got all annoyed with their flirting.  I think he might have a crush on her.

They chatted and skinny dipped and next thing she knew it was already morning!  She went home and collapsed into bed.

Eating some eggrolls later for brunch she met Yogi.  Look!  It’s Catarina’s Lucas tending the stand.

She met this cutie Dalton who was quickly overlooked because he’s way too nice of a guy. (I realized while giving the million new randoms makeovers that Dalton is the guy I gave all of those stray cats to!)  Apparently, Ally is terrified of bears.  I think she’s hoping that Zoya will save her from Yogi but Zoya is clueless.

Tony invited her out to dinner.  I really need to add more restaurants to this save!

On her way to the restroom, she noticed the hottie host Wayne and introduced herself.  He seemed flattered.

After dinner, she went to Deadgrass Isle with Tony and they made out for a bit.

And I finally got to see the lighthouse woohoo for myself!  I hear that it’s pretty awesome at night.  After this, she went to the Romance Festival but that’ll be the next chapter!  Hope you’re enjoying the antics of Zoya.


This was an option at GeekCon!

So funny!

Umm… you mean the guy she’s cheating on you with?

Chapter 2


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    • I tweeted that listen to space woohoo and nobody had seen that. So funny. The lighthouse is pretty but there’s really nothing to do there other than take a nice screenshot and woohoo, lol.


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