TS4- Bay Tides 2.6: Hectic House

Rotation 2 Chapter 6
The Heckings Chapter 2

A/N- I mentioned at the end of the last chapter that immediately after naming the Hecking’s daughter I decided that I hated the name I’d given her.  I thought it might be fun to do a little poll on Twitter to choose a new name.  I figured I’d have a few responses with name ideas and maybe 10 votes… wow was I wrong!  I got a total of 14 names but shortly after putting out the request it was decided it should be a “B” name and some of those names were saved for another time.  There were so many names I couldn’t do the poll on Twitter.  Here are the final results…

After this suggestion to have the name only one syllable like Brant and Brent…

I decided to use a more unique twist on Briana by shortening this form…

I suppose I should have stuck exactly to the poll names because I’m pretty sure nobody was very happy with that decision.  I like it.  I guess that’s all that matters.  Hardly anybody reads this blog anyway so it doesn’t really matter in the end and I got a neat name.

Introducing Brei Heckings!  I was so excited I aged her up as soon as I got into the house.

Awe, familial bliss.  I will warn you, this chapter is longer than usual due to the sheer amount of adorableness.

The pets were all miserable as per usual.  At least Joaquin didn’t need a bath.  There were hairballs everywhere so he got a fun ride.

First, Brei met Ruby who was friendly and even allowed a pat.

Then she met Joaquin who was less than pleased to have yet another competitor for attention in the house.

Last was Rosie who after the happy greeting gave kisses when Brei gave her a pat.

Things just got a whole lot more hectic in this household.  Brent left for work leaving Brant in charge of their daughter and pets.

Brei was only a little tired but Brant was really tired so I just had them nap together for a little bit.

Awe so cute!  The two buddies sleeping together.  I didn’t realize that Rosie was sleeping in the room upstairs and when I found her she’d woken up before I could take a pic.

Brei wanted to ask for a book to be read to her.

Then she wanted to talk to a stuffed animal which was adorable.

Poor Brent didn’t have a nap because he was working and almost passed out before he got to the couch.  Then Brant kept turning on the television waking him up!

Kisses from sweet Rosie.

Yuck Joaquin!

Even with the nap, Brei went to bed early.

Someone had a nightmare and woke up Brent.

Her eyes were drooping from the moment he put her back into bed.

I found Joaquin sleeping in that fish pile!

Good morning daddies!  I had to put the flower centerpiece into storage since I couldn’t even see our girl.

Domestic bliss?

Yes.  I think so!

Brent left for work and Brant was taking care of little Brei since he’d quit his job to do the photography fulltime… though with a needy toddler he didn’t get one snapshot.

Brent was sick and miserable at work and the pets all needed attention.  I think it was too early for him to go back.  Once Brei is more independent maybe.

Uh.  Domestic bliss still?  The pets constantly going into heat is driving me bonkers!

Bath time for the little bug.

Ohmygosh Joaquin!  He’d been sitting on suckity forever so finally Brent turned it on and he did this!  I couldn’t stop laughing!

Brei was tired and was tucked in for a proper sleep while her dads gave the pets some TLC.  Apparently Ruby didn’t get the memo.

She got a scolding and finally learned not to wake up sims!

We won’t hold it against her.  She was restless and wanted attention.  Brent sure is handsome.  They went for a short walk since she is a couch potato dog.

Brant took Rosie on a jog.  She seemed thrilled.

Enough is enough with this sickness!  Sometimes the medicine works and sometimes it’s a waste of money but I’ll take my chances.

A little bonding time for Joaquin and the pets are all set to rights.

Umm… Brant was cooking and Brent started talking to him and they both did this.  Okay then.  The two had an epiphany.

They hired a nanny for a few hours to tend to little Brei.  I guess she wasn’t satisfied that Brant was cooking?

Then it was off to the vet’s office to get both of the pups fixed!  No more singing love hearts for them!

I actually took video of both of them because it was so funny but it turned out horrible!  Ruby slowly made her way to the surgery station and looked so upset.  Rosie, on the other hand, ran to the surgery station and when she was done she trotted around like it was the best thing ever!  So funny.

The guys were going out to dinner and both pups followed them there and had to be sent home to rest.

This restaurant was built by Tazreeentaznim.  I think it’s called South Bay Fishing Co?  I really like it.  Though, they drove me nuts.

By the time they got their meal I was ready to tear my hair out.  I don’t know what this new “return to active lot” thing is but it’s ruining eating out.  It seems to happen when any of their needs are low.  They don’t even go home.  Since they were both pretty hungry they kept getting up and wandering off and I’d have to cancel it out and tell them to sit again!  Not the romantic night out I envisioned.

Brei must have woken after they left because when they got home she was still very tired.  Tucked back in she went to sleep and so did everyone else… except Joaquin who had gone off on an adventure somewhere.  These two days flew past!  Sorry that this chapter is so picture heavy.  The cuteness could not be contained!


I noticed two of the other families out to eat while they were there.

And Catarina reading a book looking like she’s about to pop!  I’m off to her house once I’m finished with this chapter.

Sidestep Chapter 1


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