TS4- Bay Tides 2.5: Pet Problems

Rotation 2 Chapter 5
Delagato’s Chapter 2

Back to the Delgato’s.  Everyone’s needs were fairly good except for the hungry pets.  Pierce fed them before heading off to school and Supriya made a few treats for the vending machine then opened the clinic.

I decided to have Justin find something more constructive for Evie to do than make a mess.  If he wants to master a bunch of skills one of them might as well be parenting.

So sweet.

First patient.  It’s one of the wild void pets brought in by a concerned citizen.  Poor guy.  I don’t envy her getting close to that mouth! Gross!

Another citizen brought yet another void pet.

I thought you were supposed to be caring for Evie… but I’ll allow it since Bartholomew Sr enjoys the attention.

Blue did the best he could.  This is only his second training session.  Pierce got very upset with him which made me pretty upset myself!

A quick kiss after dinner.  Then off to do their own things.

For some reason, she couldn’t seem to bill anyone that came to the clinic so she just closed and made some more treats for the machine.  All of the money they made that day was from the machine!

Not really the best place to work on homework but Evie seems unaware.

Awe!  A tuck and kiss before he leaves.

Pierce feeds the pets before heading to bed himself.

This time they weren’t too tired to have a little alone time at the overlook.

They enjoyed the view and each other before heading back up to bed.

Awkward picture but it was hard to get the cat and dog in a 3×3 room.  I used to think 3×3 was a good size bathroom!

We treated Anichelle’s doggie who was really stressed from the start.  Luckily she had one of those calming shots.

Unfortunately, whatever the problem was persisted.  I did a little research and other people reported when they had the billing problem that closing and leaving the lot worked.  This is their “home” lot in Magnolia Promenade.

Treating one of Deb’s cats.  Look at Blue sleeping by mommy while she works!  So sweet.

The billing went fine with the cat so it was on to Lilith Vatore’s cat… who kept deciding to get off of the table.  Enough is enough!  I was done for the day and Supriya was miserable.  I could have rung little Evie’s neck she was so hungry and she took her plate all the way downstairs.  It’s cute she wants to be with mommy but still.  Also, the hissing is not helpful Caleb.

This kid Stefan called Pierce after school wanting to come over.  Pierce talked to him for awhile and then grabbed something to eat and I thought he must have left.  Then I was looking at the cat wondering why it wasn’t leaving and saw the kid there on the computer!  Where did he come from?  Supriya was literally just in there!

Feeling the love from Blue who I keep getting confused thinking is a boy when she is indeed a girl.

Supriya was miserable by the end of the day.  Her fun need was red.  A little woohoo was in order.  I didn’t think about it until later that there was a chance of a risky baby but I checked before leaving and we’re clear for now.  I really don’t want babies in all the houses!

Chapter 2.6


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