TS4- Bay Tides 2.4: Piano Desire

Rotation 2 Chapter 4
Five Finger Discounts Chapter 3

I was pretty confused when I got to Lilah and it was evening.  Then it occurred to me why.  In the last house, I had to play the family in another save to sync their ages and then place them again in this save.  The first time I’d tried placing them silly me left the mod in and then saved meaning they had no relationship… again.  So I ended up having to go to an earlier save so it was Sunday night instead of Monday morning.  I took out the first few pics because I have a lot more than usual for this chapter and all they were were just caring for the poor miserable pets when I got there and turning off the stray lot trait because sick strays were showing up.

Ulrich woke Lilah howling and her scolding had no effect so she sent him hunting.

Meryl didn’t have this problem.  She was passed out even after Lilah was awake.

Ulrich returned with presents and Meryl woke to scratch the bed!  Noooo don’t do that!  Lilah is too broke to replace it!

Meryl decided on her own to go hunt and Lilah sent Ulrich as well.  Puppy butt!

Once Lilah’s needs were topped off she started planting all of the seeds that I’d thrown on the lawn from her inventory before moving them from the old save to this one.  I think I might have to hire a gardener though, I don’t know if she can keep up with this big garden as well as the pets, thieving and the store.

Both of the pets kept returning with presents as she planted the seeds which was nice.

Isn’t it magnificent???  I didn’t even know she was close to finishing the feather collection!  Although it would sell for a lotta money… I’m keeping it.  It’s my first!

A little play time and making sure the pets needs are good before leaving the lot.

Alright, guys, your job is to look cute and distract whoever lives here while I go see if they have anything good we can sell.

Someone hollered to her to come on in so she “pretended” that she’d heard them call from upstairs.  She found a nice bust in a room and grabbed it before heading down to meet the owner.

His name is Nash and he’s pretty cute.

She didn’t stay long because it turns out that it’s the night of the Humor and Hijinks Festival.

I have no idea why because I almost always have sims join the pranksters but everyone was getting annoyed with her mischief interactions!  She ended up having two embarrassed moodlets before I gave up.  She did manage to level up to 8 though which was nice.

I got really excited because it seems that at level 8 she can steal a piano.  But there were a bunch of people in the music room.  So she grabbed this vase instead which it turns out was worth practically nothing.  I’ve never noticed before but all of the art in the art gallery is the really cheap stuff!

After grabbing the vase she met a pregnant Catarina who desperately needs some new clothes, a guy named Tony, and Misty.

I’d put food out for both pets but I guess Meryl wanted a salad instead?

I was trying to think what could Meryl need that’s making her uncomfortable?  Then I had a lightbulb moment and put litterboxes in the bathrooms and a few cat trees in the lobby.

A notification popped up saying that the festival was a tie.  There were both colors of fireworks which I thought was really cool even though she didn’t get the fireworks and voodoo doll.

She was just about to leave when I noticed she could swipe something again and amazingly nobody was in the music room!  Hello piano!

She returned home and though she was tired she took Ulrich for a short walk.  Gotta take care of pets first!

When Lilah and Ulrich woke up I noticed that Meryl was still sleeping but couldn’t find her anywhere.  So cute!

A few minutes later Ulrich headed over to investigate.  He stood there watching her sleep and howled a few times but when she didn’t react he just went running on the beach looking for something.

Whew okay!  Her stolen goods… and a few presents from the pets are all marked for sale.  She literally has §1 after painting that wall behind her.

The woman is the animal adoption agent.  She stalked the pets the entire time!  She barely paid attention to Lilah just followed the pets and played with them.  Okay then.

Our first sale!  It’s the voodoo doll I found in her inventory.  It must have been a pet gift.  All of the other customers were hanging out in her “house” paying no attention to her and were really getting on my nerves.

I closed the store and headed to build mode to build some walls around her bedroom area.  It was funny because after I got out of build mode people were still walking away and when I opened it again the adoption lady turned right back around… to play with the dog.

The garden???  You’re seriously gonna hang out in the garden now?  I had her start a conversation with all of them and “chat here” near the store area.

Cathy Tea was a tough sell but in the end, she bought a model car Ulrich found for §800 I believe.

This poor girl Ivy will forever be known as the raccoon weirdo.  I’m becoming very umm… anal about who I let stay in the save.  I want to know why they’re there.  Raccoon weirdo bought the bust.

This poor guy Howard bought this painting which wasn’t worth much at all.  I’m wondering if it might be best to sell the less expensive items via build mode so the only options to buy are the higher priced ones.

I brought them to the boardwalk after closing the store thinking she could order food for the pets and grab a sandwich for herself but nobody opened it.  Then she stepped in poop.

I couldn’t decide which of the cute guys she’d recently met she should invite to eat dinner with her.  There was Nash who she’d stolen from or Tony that she met at the art gallery.  In the end, she called them both.  Then she caught sight of the cutie host Wayne. Choices choices.

Rotten luck!  All of Nash’s traits are terrible, Tony is evil, and Wayne is jealous!  The search for a boyfriend continues.  I did later remember a guy I think might be perfect for her from when I spent that entire day giving them all makeovers.

Ulrich needed a bath and was restless so she sent him home but Meryl was content to sleep next to her while she ate.  She quickly finished her meal and paid.  What a waste of money!  I should have sent her to the park but I forgot you can buy food there until later.

They got home and Ulrich got his second bath in two days and a quick jog to tire him out before bed.  Plus, our girl is active so she really enjoys their runs.

Meryl!  It’s bedtime!  Well, no time to decide whether I want her to breed or not.  It’s time to leave them.

Ohmygosh so cute!


I found Brent outside doing some graffiti in the same outfit he was wearing when I played their house.  So funny!

So I know who they are and why I shouldn’t delete them from my save.  I turned append to logfile back on in MC Command Center so that it will store the info each time a new random townie is generated.  I really didn’t change much in their everyday outfits.  As usual, their other outfits were horrendous.

Chapter 2.5


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