TS4- Bay Tides 2.3: The Struggle is Real

Rotation 2 Chapter 3
Single Sim Chapter 2

A/N: Reminder- I can only control Nyssa in this challenge.

Back to our little darling Nyssa.  I found her in her brother’s room and immediately checked and no she still can’t talk to the butler.

Due to the annoying bug or whatever it is that’s causing Nyssa to have no relationship with the butler I decided to just have him fired and elect to have a nanny come when everyone leaves.  I did this before realizing that it was the weekend and everyone would be home!

Nyssa was hungry so she asked for some food.

Ashton gets a hug from dad.  They became good friends.

Nyssa asked daddy to use flashcards.

Then she went upstairs to play.

Ashton came in and talked and told jokes for a few minutes.

Potty time!

I always forget that this option exists.  She had fun imagining being under the sea.

It looks so neat!

While she was out playing daddy and Ashton came over and played dolls.

She had a whim to hit her mom.  They have absolutely no relationship at all which is weird because she’s her mom!

Look at her face.  It just screams pay attention to me!

Bedtime and I’d hoped to do Nugget watch while Nyssa slept but after this Nugget went to sleep as well.

She woke up in the middle of the night hungry and the only one awake was her mother so she asked for food.  She put her in the highchair and gave her peas then wandered off back to bed.

With nobody awake to let her out of the highchair, she napped a few times in it.

She woke up to find her family was awake in the next room completely ignoring the fact that she’d been stuck in there most of the night!

She yelled at her dad to let her out and he did and she asked to play.  Ashton doesn’t look too happy to see his sister getting attention.

This time she had a whim to yell at her mother.  It said from “seeking trouble” I’ve never seen toddlers get those type of whims.  Her trait is independent so I really don’t understand what’s going on here.

Waking up in the middle of the night hungry and then not being able to go back to bed wreaked havoc on little Nyssa.

After her nap, she went outside to play in the jungle gym.

Then, she had to go potty and since she’s close to maxing the skill she asked daddy to help.

Yet another nap.  This day is turning out quite boring for me.

Time to get food again.  Mom’s such a snob.

What the?  Dad put her in the highchair then walked to the table to eat her peas!

She yelled at him and he gave her some applesauce then continued to eat her peas.  Ashton shared his cereal with Nugget but I didn’t realize it fast enough to get a pic.

I tried having her chat with Ashton after she’d eaten but when he started telling her jokes she kept acting up because she was tired.

Just go to bed!  What a miserable day!

She ended up waking at like 3am needing the potty.  Nugget came in and kept her company.

So freaking adorable.

I’m removing the very long-winded frustrated rant to inform you that I did discover that indeed there was an issue with this family.  I’d placed them from my library into another save and they had no relationship! It still said mother, father, brother… but she couldn’t even talk to them!  I tried creating another random family just to see… the same thing!  It turns out that my testing this without mods was flawed because the problem started by placing them with the mod in.  I should have tested it again with the mod out.  You live and you learn.  In a couple of hours, there’ll be a short “dream” chapter from when I play them in another save to get them to the same age they are here.  I left it wordless to give it more of the illusion that it’s her dream and I really love how it turned out!  The way her parents treat her is like night and day.  She’s now good friends with all three of her family members!  I can’t wait for everyone to see it!  Oh and here’s the explanation from Deaderpool of why I was having this problem…

Extra: The Dream

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