TS4- Bay Tides 2.2: Making New Friends

Rotation 2 Chapter 2
Dogacy 1.3

Here we are back with Veer and his loyal pup Ahab.

Ahab was eating so Veer went out to work on some woodworking.

When he was finished eating he walked out and fell asleep at Veer’s feet and stayed there through the creation of a few sculptures.

Then he suddenly zoomed out the door and way across the playground to get this guy’s attention.  It was really weird.

It took Veer a few minutes to catch up with Ahab and in that time the vendor Cornelius chatted with him.

The two struck up a conversation and got to know each other.

And since Cornelius showed so much interest in little Ahab Veer showed off his puppy pics.

Cornelius suggested that Veer should find Ahab a lady friend because he would have cute pups.

When it was time for him to leave to tend his stand Cornelius gave Veer a quick hug and thanked him for chatting with him.

The two just hung out on the boardwalk for a few hours and just as Veer was ordering some food for Ahab he ran over and rolled in a pile of fish!

I’m not really sure why since he’s not the biggest fan of cats but Veer walked all the way down to the water to watch this cat hop around on the crates.

Then they made their way home and Veer washed the fish stink out of Ahab’s fur.

It was a long and eventful day and the two were asleep within moments.

In the morning, Veer turned on the computer to check something and Ahab was terrified of it!  He squeezed his little body under the bed.  Poor baby!

That ball is bigger than his head!

No time for ball yet Ahab we have a special visitor!

This big bull mastiff girl is adventurous, independent, and stubborn.  I think she’ll fit right in.  She was named Daisy after the character in The Great Gatsby.

Where’s Ahab?  Over here by Cornelius!  He sure does like him!

Veer went searching for his wayward dog and gave him special smooches when he found him.  Cornelius called him over to his stand.

Veer got some nummies for the dogs, introduced Daisy to Cornelius and chatted with him while they gobbled it down.

Daisy is a stubborn dog.  And it’s absolutely disgusting that she kept licking up some other pet’s vomit off the boardwalk.  First, he told her not to and she didn’t know what he was saying.  It took several tries of begging her not to eat the vomit for her to finally stop!

Awe look who’s making friends!

Hubba hubba… y’all want to make some puppies?  I think we have to wait for one of them to be in a flirty mood.  I really have no idea.

While the dogs played Veer sat watching and Cathy Tea walked over and chatted with him for a bit.

After having a frightful adventure at the lighthouse with Ahab, Veer was just putting his leash on him to take him on a short walk when Cornelius called inviting him out to dinner.

They chatted while waiting for their food to arrive.

And Cornelius’s jokes had Veer cracking up.

It was a nice meal and it’s nice to see that Veer has made a good friend like Cornelius.  Cornelius seems pleased to have a new friend as well.  I think he might have been lonely.

The scary computer was moved downstairs and the spot was taken up by a new bed for Daisy.  I guess Ahab prefers the regular floor to sleep on.  Sweet dreams!  Hopefully, next time we see you we’ll be closer to some puppies!


I can’t decide if this smile is cute or terrifying.  Either way, I can’t stop laughing every time I see this pic!

Looks like Veer agrees with me that Cornelius should move in sometime soon to take over the caretaker duties.

I was following Daisy (look at her huge mouth!) and saw a sad Cathy Tea.  I sent Veer to go talk to her but she didn’t want to be bothered and kept walking.  And behind her is Anichelle walking her pup.  Do you see all of the cats???  They’re everywhere!

First, a text from myself is just creepy.  Second, myself is right!  Cornelius seems pretty cool.  I’m glad that Ahab seems to be enamored with him.

Chapter 2.3


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    • Yep, it’s the adventurous trait! And then you click on them and have them go on an adventure and they walk off the lot and it’s like a choose your own adventure type thing like the kids books.

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