TS4- Bay Tides 2.1: Crazy Cat Lady???

Rotation 2 Chapter 1
Lynx Chapter 3

When I first entered Catarina’s house I thought the cats were all still bugged from the wellness treats of doom… but I was wrong. They were all just miserable.  I’m seeing a pattern here.  It seems like the sims can’t seem to care for their pets while I’m away.

I swear I was tapping my foot in impatience waiting for them to all hurry up and eat so I could take Doc to the vet.

We made the disappointing discovery that the game generates new random sims to act as vets in owned clinics.  So we went back to the one that came with the game and happily it was Cathy Tea who treated Doc.  Just as I suspected, the cone of shame was in order.  Don’t you think you’re too old to be fighting squirrels Doc?

A quick hello to Cleo who was waiting on the porch when they returned.

Then the friendliest of greetings to a stray cat Hilda.

Is it wrong that I left the trash there until a cat sat on the vacuum?  I don’t think so!

Veer decided to stop by but spent the entire time glaring at the cats.  I think he may have become angry after sitting on the scratched couch.

This stray is Nibbler.  We were considering adopting her.  Until other developments happened.

This stray who’s ignoring the cat wand is Nika.  She was next on the possible adoptee list.

The vendor didn’t even bat an eye at her order of 4 beef and chicken fishcakes.  Awe look at the shy look she’s giving him!

She ordered some food for herself and stayed to chat with the handsome vendor she learned is named Lucas.

This girl is my favorite of the random townies that I gave makeovers.  Her name is Maki.

After Lucas got off of his shift he stayed and chatted with Catarina and the new vendor Randy.

Back to cats!  The friendliest introduction to Mayor Whiskers.

A little play time with a sad cat named Kerrigan.

Then she wanted to play with Bartholomew too.  And the stray area got an upgrade.

This cat Shadow was hard-core stalking Doc.  Also, it’s very odd that both Bartholomew and stray Furball are watching Mayor use the litter.

Oh, that’s just disgusting Catarina.  That litterbox was switched out for the next highest model.

They’re all so cute in their little outfits!

A sick stray was spotted and even though it will make them permanently afraid it was decided the risk was worth it so she purchased some wellness treats.

But when she got home the sick stray was nowhere in sight and Lucas was waiting for her.

He was totally into her flirts.  Cleo’s in the window spying!

First kiss and Bartholomew comes out to investigate.

Woah!  As soon as the first kiss was finished he grabbed her into a much more passionate kiss.  Little Bartholomew wants to be close to his mommy.  So cute.

She invited him to stay the night but he wouldn’t go to bed.

Oops!  He needs to be a boyfriend for that I guess.  Boyfriend selfie!

He did sleep for a while.  Bartholomew stuck close by.

He doesn’t seem to mind the cats which is good.  He kept looking at Cleo sleeping next to him and smiling as he ate animal crackers.

And then this happened.  She woke up with a screaming bladder and I noticed there’s an option to take a pregnancy test.  I’d turned on risky woohoo at some point but it’s pretty low so this was a big shock! (I checked and it’s at 15% I’ve had it as high as 30 with no oops babies.  Guess it was meant to be!)

Lucas seems thrilled and Catarina looks amused at his exuberant response.  So, the crazy cat lady idea has been scrapped.  I cheated her back to not showing pregnancy stage and extended pregnancy to 12 days.  I might extend it more.  That’s the problem with playing a rotation.  I just don’t want to miss anything!  Lucas is quite the catch.  He’s a bookworm like her and a childish geek. I think we’ll have to keep him.


While Doc was getting treated by Cathy Tea, Caleb Vatore’s dog Patch was getting treated by Deb.

Catarina’s house is very distracting.  I’m constantly noticing sims walking outside!  First, there was Lilah and Ulrich.  I later saw Ulrich wandering the area on his own too.

Then it was Megs walking a filthy Oolie.  From what I hear Oolie really hates baths and likely hid from Megs and then Megs smugly teased her through the walk about how she should have gotten a bath.  Good times.

This was too adorable not to screenshot.  I believe this is the stray Ratchet.  I really like that name!

The dragon costume thought bubble had me cracking up!


Awe! He’s so into her! Good thing since they’re having a nooboo!

Chapter 2.2

Chapter notes:

I’d planned to do the Crazy Cat Lady challenge with Catarina minus the no social with anyone but cats part but looks like she had different plans for her life.  I can’t say I’m disappointed.  I’m going to have to remodel the house…

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