TS4- Bay Tides 1.11: Baffled

Rotation One Chapter Eleven
The Heckings Chapter 1

August 21, 2017, the Cats and Dogs expansion was announced at Gamescom and with that was the reveal trailer.  All of you remember it.  I’ve watched it at least 20 times myself.  And in all of that time, I fell in love with these two.  Not the owners but their pets!  Joaquin the cat and Ruby the dog.

They were there when they met and they were there when they married…

Awe so sweet!  And yet… when we got our hands on the pack finally they weren’t there!  Who was this Rosie dog and where did our beloved cat and dog go???  Ruby appeared on the gallery as part of the SPCA campaign contest wearing 4 different cute costumes. I begged in the comments for them to also upload the cat and the next day they did!  I doubt it was my pleading… comments move too fast for that but I know I wasn’t the only one upset that they weren’t in the family.

The Heckings… since the time I’d decided I was going to play all of the pre-mades I’ve been wondering “What the heck do I do with the Heckings?” <— See what I did there?  Heck… Heckings.  *sigh*  Fine, anyways I had this not so brilliant idea after taking a gander at their skills but it didn’t work out.  I played almost an entire day with them trying to decide what to do so this may be a bit confusing at first.  When I landed Brent was in the Art Gallery in San Myshuno critically assessing a painting.  It was quite odd.  This isn’t a work uniform unless he’d been wearing it for days and I don’t think he was playing a role because the last time one of my sims was in San Myshuno was Veer at the festival.

I decided to bring Brant and the pets there.  Big mistake!  They were all miserable.  Abort!  I had him send them all home quickly.

Then I decided to have them go to the restaurant.  This was a total fail.  First, this was the only table available.  Then, there was a speaker and everyone decided to dance practically on top of them.  I sold the speaker but I swear I couldn’t get a good screenshot for nothing!  Oh… and I gave them makeovers.

Returning home to feed the miserable pets.  I’d assumed that they’d care for their needs while the guys were away like sims do but no such luck.

So this was my brilliant yet flawed idea.  I wanted to have Brant take pet pics and then have Brent paint and sell them.  Obviously, you can see one way it failed.  Paint by reference of the picture does not come out as nice as I’d expected.  Then I made the realization that made the plan go up in flames.  They can’t photograph pets that aren’t their own!  So upsetting.

I was just kinda lost truthfully.  I had no idea what on earth do now that the only plan that I’d come up with had failed.  And for those of you all confused and scratching your heads like why do I need a plan?  I seriously cannot play the game without at least some guidelines after playing nothing but challenges for years now.

While you wait for me to make my big revelation enjoy this photo of a filthy wild creature as it walks past the house.  The first thing you may notice is that I’ve changed the house around a bit.  I’d looked at some on the gallery but nothing really piqued my interest so I just remodeled this a little.  Saving the long-winded explanation I’d originally had here… the guys are doing my new All the World’s a Stage challenge.  Here are their rolls so far.  I skipped the marriage and career rolls.

  • Married
  • 2 kids
  • Brent- Patron of the Arts
  • Brant- Freelance Photographer
  • Themed Display (No clue what they’ll do yet.)
  • Hobbyist  (Same… no clue.)

Fast forward past that part cuz seriously I think it’s weird but I wanted a baby and I wanted the baby to be theirs so I used MCCC to speed up the pregnancy to “in labor” right away.  Meet the baby with no name!  *sigh*  I should do a contest or something.  The name thing is a long story.

Ta-da!  Insta baby!  Congrats.

Awe what’s the matter Ruby are you feeling left out?

Before going off to take photos Brant snapped a quick shot of the baby.

I actually had a lot of fun with this!  It’s a bit of a disappointment that the screenshots don’t have the filters or anything in them that the photos do.  Also, these are much larger than the ones he took.  He kept one of each then sold the rest.  Pretty good income.

Meanwhile, Brent did a bit of painting.

The baby roll was doting parents.  I discovered that it’s much harder to get the parents to become good friends with the baby.  Brent did manage it and his Parenting skill is now at level 4!  I ended up changing the rule to only needing to be good friends with one family member.  I can’t imagine how difficult it would be for a large family!

Brant returned to the house after his photo session and Rosie wanted to go for a walk.  I really enjoy watching the sims walk their dogs.

Well then.  I love autonomous affection.

I guess all the walking to take pics and then walking Rosie wore Brant out.  At first, I didn’t like this room much but I’m starting to like it now.

I told him to take a Simstigram pic of Rosie before I looked at her.  I couldn’t stop laughing!

Ruby gets a treat.

I forgot to mention that Joaquin had gone on an adventure.  He returned, dropped a present on the sidewalk in front of the house, and proceeded to run back across the street and roll in some trash.  Good times.

Ruby needed some attention so it’s a bit of couch time for her.  She only had one trait so I gave her couch potato and vocal.

Awe hello Rosie!

The pets are always in the thick of things which is so much like real life!  I’m constantly tripping over Dozer!

Ruby is now afraid of the dishwasher and obsessed with the refergirator.  See Joaquin on the counter in the back?  I think this is the only pic I managed to get them all.

While you’re there let’s snap a pic.

Oh this is a neat painting!  It went onto the baby’s room wall along with another cute painting.

I will never tire of watching this!

Time for doting daddy #2 to spend the day showering affection on the baby.

Awe what’s the matter, Joaquin?

Attention was needed.  No problemo!  A little laser pointer play will fix that up.

Hmm… I think the pups are a bit sad from the attention not being on them.

Brant took Rosie for a jog and look who’s running behind them!  Hello Joaquin!  I love the prowler and free spirit traits and he has both.

He was chasing a flock of seagulls but sadly they’d flown off by the time Brant snapped the pic.

Good night guys!  I’m sad to leave them all.  I really had a lot of fun in this house once I had a bit more of a plan on what they should all do.

Bonus extra for your entertainment… Joaquin did not like that Brent scolded him for eating people food!  It cracked me up!

Chapter 2.1

Chapter notes:

The first rotation is over!  I know it probably seemed to have taken forever but I had a lot of distractions between the first save getting corrupted and writing the new challenge.  Hopefully, it’ll go smoother now that I have plans for everyone.

Photo tip from Brant: Did you know that if your sim has a digital camera they can take Simstigram pics of their pets with it?  Instead of the phone camera which gives you no choices at all you have all of the options that come with the camera.  If you can afford it I highly recommend the expensive one.  The photo quality is usually much better.

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