Challenges Updated…

The release of a new expansion always means analyzing all of the new features to see if anything needs to be changed in challenges.  Some challenges this was really simple and in others, it’s taken a lot more thought.  I also have been working on a new one… you’ll see.  As always, links to the challenges are in the top menu on my main blog site.  Remember: If a rule is making gameplay less enjoyable for you ignore it!  There is no challenge police that will come get you if you bend a few rules.  If you notice something in any of the rules that need to be changed or you have a suggestion feel free to let me know!


Runaway Teen:

Just as in Sims 3 you can adopt a pet or befriend a stray.  Be sure you can afford all of the items that the pet will need first!  You can also use them to search for collectibles to sell.  From what I’ve seen so far it can be very lucrative.

If you don’t want to use the money cheat each time you’ve traveled to subtract $10, which frankly gets annoying really quick, purchase the directional arrows that came with the base game.  You may place one free wall on the lot for the arrows.  Cheat yourself $60.  The new shrinking option using the [ bracket would be helpful here and it might be fun to make designs on your traveling wall.  If for whatever reason you are opposed to the new traveling wall you may elect to purchase a mega houseplant pot for every time you travel and the return trip.

Thanks to Anichelle for bringing it to my attention that the gnome price was raised to $15.  RIP gnome army.

Xenophilia Challenge

Feel free to add a pet to the family.  If you are going with option 2 it might be fun to have them be an alien pet!

Vampire Coven Challenge

If you would like to have a pet in the household you may use one of your 8 spots for one.  It might make it more difficult and if you want to increase difficulty you may add more.

Whim Challenge

  • Your sims will get whims to adopt a dog or cat so you will need to wait for a whim.  Exception: If you are creating a new family from CAS at the start of the challenge you may give them a pet.
  • You may purchase any essential items for the pet before adopting them.  I still need to play a bit more to find out if they will get whims to buy particular items.  If they do not I will revise this rule.
  • You cannot direct your sim to interact with the pet unless they have a whim to do so.  Exception: You may at any time use the “what’s wrong?” interaction.  If the pet responds in a way that would require interaction they may do so.
  • If your pet runs away you may use the telephone or computer to report them missing.
  • If your pet brings you a present you may open it.
  • You may not send a pet hunting.  If you want them to hunt on their own give them one of the traits like Prowler.
  • You may discipline a pet because it’s super annoying if you don’t and you might be stuck replacing half the furniture.

Build a City Challenge

I have moved the challenge rules back to this blog since I’ve decided to put testing of the modded version on the back burner for now due to the havoc mods are causing after the C&D patch.  The challenge rules already had mention of pets.  Basically you may have them.  They affect nothing challenge-wise.  I added guidelines for if you wanted to start with more than one founder as well.

Announcing the All the World’s a Stage Challenge!

I was trying to fall asleep and thinking what kind of challenge I can have the Heckings do.  I thought maybe the Random Legacy but the problem with that is that it hasn’t been updated since City Living.  So I thought let me look and see what the Sims 3 rules were regarding pets.  But when I went to that I was distracted by a link at the beginning to the challenge that inspired it.  Then there was another challenge that inspired that one!  I ended up reading those and liked some of the ideas.  Then, I fell asleep.  I woke up at like 5am and couldn’t fall back to sleep so I started typing out ideas for additions to the Random Legacy rolls on my phone.  But somehow it morphed into ideas for different things for different life stages.  Next thing I knew by the time I finally got up a few hours later I had a challenge!  I also updated the rolls for the Random Legacy because I use them in the YA rolls for mine.  There’s probably going to be modifications of the challenge here and there but with the huge number of rolls there’s just no way I could test them all!

All the World’s a Stage

Random Legacy Rolls


If there’s a challenge you enjoy but it hasn’t been updated in awhile I’ll consider taking it over if it’s something I’m interested in.  Contact me with the details.  Also, if you have a challenge idea and you just want to toss ideas around or want someone to work with I’d be happy to.  I’m a self-proclaimed challenge addict and I seriously can’t play the game without some kind of guidelines.  I also enjoy testing things out when I’m bored to see what works and what doesn’t.

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