TS4- Bay Tides 1.10: Finally a Vet!

Rotation 1 Chapter 10
The Delgatos Chapter 1

This is it!  After years of dreaming and studying to be a vet, Supriya Delgato has finally gotten her wish!  When considering a remodel of their home the Delgato’s made the shocking realization that if they rebuilt they could have enough money for a vet clinic and a home combined.

With the construction finally complete the family arrives at their new home.

Daddy entertains little Evie while she eats her breakfast.

I guess the move was tiring?  Supriya had to take a nap after they arrived.

Then shortly after her, Evie needed a nap.

Even after the nap, she was tired so it was decided not to open the vet clinic this day.  She instead made some relaxation serums.

Justin gave Blue a bath.  After this Blue became obsessed with the tub.  Apparently, he really enjoyed it!

Since he’d taken a vacation day from work he spent most of the day reading books.

Blue wanted to have some fun and although Pierce was tired pets come first.  I was a bit surprised that they played fetch in the house but his parents didn’t seem to mind.

I love these cat wands!

In the morning Blue discovers the television.

And Evie becomes friends with Bartholomew Senior.  They have a hug to celebrate.

Evie was in a really good mood so she went out to play in the ball pit while daddy read another book and mommy opened the vet clinic.

Our first patient ever and it’s Glubee who lives with Copper Raven!  I’ll admit I couldn’t stop laughing at the poor guy because that outfit… and the whatever it is painted on his fur is so funny!

Next Barrie brought in Scamp saying he seems to be a bit off.  Well umm, yea!  He’s blue and he has a glowing nose!  Winterfest fever.  If that’s not the biggest clue for a seasons expansion I don’t know what is.

Checking up on our own pets I found them both enjoying these cool new seats.  A bit of fresh air and sunlight too I suppose.

Then I checked on Evie a few minutes later and found here out her chatting with Bartholomew Sr.

Pierce got home from school needing fun so I thought what’s more fun than playing with your pup?  He ran the obstacle course with Blue but this was the only time I got a chance to watch since the vet clinic was open.  I think the pop-up said he’d only made two mistakes though.

One of the households that were randomly generated with a pet came in.  This odd-looking pup is named Fish.

Another randomly generated household pet this is Dixie and she looked nasty!  I forget what was wrong with her but whatever it was it was gross.

Our last patient of the day and the second of Dalton’s cats to need medical aid.  This one is Viola.  I forgot I’d given all of the strays outfits when I’d moved them in with him so I was confused at first.  Also, it’s so funny that Justin and Evie decided to eat in the clinic while she was working.

I was looking to see where everyone was and what needed to be taken care of when I noticed our girl blue had brought a present!  Also, up to this moment, I’d assumed Blue was male.  Oopsie.

Pierce must have remembered that Blue had pooped while they were out training because after he’d eaten dinner he ran out to clean it up.  Between this and filling the pet bowls I think he’ll be doing good on his character values.  Although, I think it’s responisbility which is usually the easiest to raise anyway.

Justin had finally finished reading his three books and was now playing some chess to raise his logic skill.  Pierce chatted with him while they played and got his social skill up enough to get an A in school.  Too bad that’s not likely to happen since he’s always late.

So much for my dreams of the cat and dog sleeping with the children eh?  It’s already time for us to leave them and move on.  It went so fast on the second day playing the clinic.  I really enjoyed it and I really like this family as well.


The upstairs floorplan.  This entire area was completely empty.  I had to find a good place to put the stairs going up and then figure out where on earth to place all of the walls for the rooms.  I’m thrilled with how it came out.  I actually spent a long time setting up and decorating this one which I usually don’t enjoy much.

And here’s the downstairs.  I took out three of the vet rooms to save some money.  Each one was like §20,000.  I added a few things here and there but this area is pretty much the way I got it from the gallery.  And as to that a big giant thanks goes out to LiLaLu72 for the original build Vet Clinic Happy Pet.  I could never build something so nice myself.  I don’t have the patience or skills for such a detailed exterior build so when I found this little gem with the entire second-floor empty I couldn’t download it fast enough!

I have no idea how he got down there!  I was getting annoyed because he was hungry and it was almost time for school.  Of course, the fruitcake I had him eat that was in his dad’s inventory was a mistake because he was uncomfortable.  At least Justin liked it!

He’d finally eaten and I went on seeing what the others needed to do assuming that Pierce was in school.  Then the phone started going off and I looked and here’s Pierce running across the beach!  Does anyone remember the chapters I’ve had with the kids in Windenburg that did this?  I’ll figure something out.

Here he is!  He ran all the way over here.  I’m wondering now if the problem isn’t the neighborhood itself but that they live in a non-residental lot.  Whatever it is I’ll worry about it next time I play them.

Evie got this moodlet after hugging the cat.

Not bad!  We also had a customer that I know doesn’t own a pet come in and buy something from the vending machine for §150!

And lastly, for your viewing pleasure a beautiful landscape shot.  I noticed a bench overlook and hoped to have Supriya and Justin have a quick romantic moment but it was not to be.  She was exhausted after her busy day.

Chapter 1.11

Chapter notes:

Yes, I did give them all makeovers after they’d gone to bed on the first day.  Thank goodness I did too because some of their outfits were horrible!  Sorry to whoever put them together but they are so not my taste.  I took away Evie’s glasses because I find it unrealistic.  The number of children that are diagnosed as having a sight problem at that age is extremely low.  Pierce got to keep his hat in varying colors because he seemed to look odd without it.  I changed both of the parent’s glasses and changed their rings to silver because I have some kind of odd aversion to gold jewelry.


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